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Adding and Renewing a License

Last updated: 2024-01-13 15:49:40
    After purchasing a license, you can bind it in the TRTC console, the CSS console, or the VOD console to add a new license or extend the validity of an existing license. This document is used to show you how to activate a capability using a trial or official license, and how to extend the validity of an existing capability.
    Starting from v10.1, the MLVB license can also activate the video playback capability. This means you can now use the video playback capability of the Player SDK with a MLVB license or UGSV license.

    Purchasing an official license

    You can obtain usage rights by purchasing a standalone MLVB license (Starting from the day of purchase, the authorization is valid until 00:00:00 the day after 1 year).

    Binding an Official License

    You can either choose to bind an official license to a new application, or activate the capability for an existing application to bind the official license.
    Bind an official license to a new application
    Activate the capability for an existing application
    1. Go to the TRTC, the CSS, or the VOD and click Create official license.
    2. Enter the App NamePackage Name and Bundle ID, select MLVB License (publishing + video playback), and click Next.
    3. Enter the Create official license interface, click Bind. Select the unbound MLVB package, and click Create can then generate official license. If you don't have any packages to bind, go to the Purchase Page to buy a package.
    Before clicking Confirm, double-check the bundle ID and package name and make sure they are identical to what you submit to app stores. The information cannot be modified after submission.
    4. Upon successful creation of an official license, the page will display the generated official license information. During the SDK initialization configuration, the License URL and License key must be entered. Please store the following information carefully.
    1. Select an existing official license to which you want to add the MLVB capability (publishing + video playback), and click Activate more capabilities.
    2. Select MLVB publishing (publishing + video playback) and click Next.
    3. Enter the Activate more capabilities interface, click Bind. Select the unbound MLVB package, and click Confirm can then generate official MLVB license under the application. If you don't have any packages to bind, go to the Purchase Page to buy a package.

    Update official license valid period

    You can log in to the TRTC console, the CSS console, or the VOD console page to view the validity of the MLVB official license. You can also subscribe to the MLVB SDK under Message Subscription, and select Message Center/Email/SMS as the message receipt channel to get notified when the license is about to expire. Notifications will be sent out 32, 7, 3, and 1 days before the license expires, reminding you to renew it in time to ensure business continuity. If your MLVB official license has expired, you can follow the steps below to renew it:
    1. Select the license you need to renew and click Update Validity in the MLVB capability.
    2. The acquisition method of the MLVB is Acquired through direct purchase. The validity can be extended through two methods: Renew the current license or Select another license resource to replace. The detailed steps are described as follows:
    Resources with auto-renewal enabled do not support the license resource replacement method for renewal. If you want to change the validity period to that of another license, disable the auto-renewal function.
    Renew the current license
    Select another license resource to replace
    1. Click Renew the current license, and click Update validity.
    If you select Renew the current license:
    When the license resource is within the valid period or has expired for less than seven days, according to Tencent Cloud's billing regulations, renewing for the current license is supported. After renewal, the valid period wil be refreshed to: current validity period + renewal duration.
    When the license resource has expired for more than seven days, the original resource has been destroyed, and we wil purchase the same type of resource for you and automatically complete the replacement binding, After renewal, the valid period will be refreshed to: payment date + renewal duration.
    2. In the Renewal interface, select the Renewal period. MLVB license renews annual. Click Confirm to extend the license valid period.
    1. Click Select another license resource to replace, then click Update validity.
    2. In the Update validity interface, click Bind. Select the unbound MLVB package (if there is no available resource pack to bind, you can go to Audio and Video Terminal SDK Purchase Page to buy), and click Confirm.


    You can manage auto-renewal through Console and Billing center in 2 methods. The details are as follows.
    Billing center
    A license acquired through direct purchase supports the enabling of automatic renewal. License resources with automatic renewal enabled will be automatically renewed on an annual basis 3 days before expiration. Make sure your account has sufficient available balance before enabling aotomatic renewal. Otherwise, it may lead to a renewal failure and affect your usage.
    Log in to the TRTC, CSS, or VOD console of any of these products and open the License Management page. locate the license you wish to manage for automatic renewal:
    1. Enable Auto-renewal.
    1.1 In the Disabled status of the license Auto-renewal, click to Enable auto-renewal, and it will be automatically deducted and renewed annually three days before expiration.
    1.2 Auto-renewal status changed to Enabled.
    2. Disable Auto-renewal. The Auto-renewal of the license can be turned off in the Enabled status by click Disable. After it expires, it will no longer be automatically renewed.
    You can navigate to Renewal Management to set resources to automatic renewal.
    In the search box on the right, search for a MLVB, locate the target resource, and click Set to Auto-Renewal.
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