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Last updated: 2022-07-12 18:08:03

    Stream publishing

    Tencent Cloud offers UDP acceleration for RTMP streaming. If you use the MLVB SDK together with CSS to publish streams over RTMP, you can enable this feature, which will improve your project’s capability to handle network fluctuations, speed up publishing, enhance playback experience, and reduce overall stuttering. For details, please see Publishing from Camera.

    Live game streaming

    MLVB allows you to publish streams from the screen of a mobile phone (iOS 8.0/Android 5.0 or above) without using a PC. For details, please see Publishing from Screen.


    MLVB’s powerful player supports protocols including RTMP, FLV, HLS, and WebRTC, allowing you to deliver smoother and clearer video to your users. For more information, please see Playback (LVB) and Playback (LEB).

    Mic connect

    MLVB supports real-time audio/video mic connect, which, unlike video calls, is optimized for live streaming and allows one-to-many interaction between the host and audience.

    Mic connect is essentially audio/video calls between hosts or between hosts and audience. It improves interaction during live streaming. You can implement the feature quickly using the MLVB SDK and IM’s room management capabilities.

    AI-powered beauty filters

    MLVB refactored the basic beauty filter module (offered for free). It optimized and merged the skin smoothing feature and beauty filters for improved results and reduced GPU usage, fixing the heating issue.

    In addition, MLVB Enterprise Edition integrates the AI and makeup application technologies of YouTu Lab and Pitu to enable special effects such as eye enlarging, face slimming, nose slimming, animated stickers, AI-based keying, green screen, etc.

    Streaming via H5 pages

    MLVB supports quick live streaming via H5 pages, which comes with features including like giving, text chat, and on-screen comments. H5 pages facilitate sharing on social platforms.

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