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Last updated: 2024-01-13 15:49:41

    Core features

    Use Cases
    Live stream publishing
    Publish live streams using RTMP or RTC, with increased adaptability to network fluctuations and faster transmission speed that help deliver a reliable and low-latency publishing experience
    Live playback
    Play RTMP, FLV, HLS, DASH, or WebRTC streams. Smooth and HD viewing experience
    Live stream watching
    Mobile (game) screen recording
    Stream the host’s phone screen and camera video at the same time
    Game streaming, mobile presentation


    Video capturing
    Capturing parameters
    Resolution, frame rate, audio sample rate, GOP, bitrate, etc.
    Aspect ratio
    Capture videos in the aspect ratio of 16:9, 4:3, or 1:1
    Publish streams in portrait mode, landscape left mode, or landscape right mode
    Video quality selection
    SD, HD, or FHD
    Turn on/off the flashlight
    Camera switch and zoom
    Switch between the front and rear cameras and zoom in or out
    Auto and manual focus
    Turn on/off auto and manual focus
    Photo taking
    Take photos
    Video flipping
    Horizontally flip the camera video or the published video. The front camera is flipped by default.
    Add watermarks to captured videos
    Take a screenshot of the phone screen
    Pausing audio/video
    Pause audio or video during live streaming
    Add custom filters and adjust the filter strength
    Basic beautification
    Smooth skin, brightening, and rosy skin
    Advanced beautification
    (value-added capability)
    Apply effects including big eyes, slim face, V shape, slim chin, short face, and slim nose, and adjust the strength. This is a value-added capability, and if needed, you can purchase the Tencent Effect SDK.
    Audio capturing
    Background music
    Select a local MP3 file as the background music before capturing
    Pitch change
    Change the music pitch
    Audio mix
    Mix voice and music audio with independent volume adjustment
    In-ear monitoring
    When earphones (wired or wireless) are used, the user can hear the audio captured by their local mic in their own earphones
    Recreate multi-directional and 3D sounds using dual-channel audio
    AI-based noise suppression
    Built-in noise suppression is based on a psychoacoustic model and can increase the signal-to-noise ratio by more than 20 dB without compromising the sound quality
    Voice change
    Voice changing effects such as girl and man
    Reverb effects, which can be used together with voice changing to produce various sound effects
    Disable the mic during capturing to publish only video images
    Auto volume adjustment
    The SDK can adjust the volume automatically depending on ambient sound
    Live stream publishing
    RTMP publishing
    Publish 180-1080p videos using RTMP or RTMPS
    WebRTC publishing
    Publish streams using WebRTC
    SRT publishing
    Publish streams using SRT
    QUIC publishing
    Publish streams using QUIC
    Publishing from screen
    Publish a stream containing content captured from the screen
    SEI messages
    Insert text data as SEI (Supplemental Enhancement Information) into the audio/video stream. The information is published by the host and received by audience members. This allows you to show text information in sync with audio/video content.
    Adaptive bitrate
    The SDK can automatically adjust the bitrate (multiple control modes supported) according to network conditions to deliver a smoother streaming experience
    Audio-only push
    Capture and publish audio-only streams, which helps you save bandwidth costs
    External publishing source
    Publish from an external source
    Auto reconnection
    The SDK can automatically reconnect after a disconnection occurs
    Live playback
    RTMP playback
    Play RTMP streams
    FLV playback
    Play FLV streams
    HLS playback
    Play HLS streams
    DASH playback
    Play DASH streams
    WebRTC playback
    Play WebRTC streams
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