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Support for RTC Publishing

Last updated: 2024-01-13 15:49:41
    In order to improve publishing performance under poor network conditions, we have added support for RTC publishing in addition to the traditional RTMP protocol. This document compares the performance of publishing under different network conditions using the two protocols.
    For instructions on how to publish streams, please see Publishing from Camera.

    Performance Under Normal and Poor Network Conditions

    Test method

    We simulated different network conditions at the publishing end and observed the playback effects (the streams were played over CDNs, and network conditions at the playback end were normal).

    Parameter configuration

    To prevent the use of different sources from affecting the results, we used V2TXLivePusher to publish the same video over RTMP and RTC. Video parameters:
    720 x 1280
    1800 Kbps
    Frame rate

    Comparison of performance under different network conditions

    Frame rate
    For a description of the network parameters, see Appendix: Network Parameters.
    Stutter rate
    For a description of the network parameters, see Appendix: Network Parameters.

    Appendix: Network Parameters

    Frame rate
    Frames rendered per second
    Packet loss
    A packet loss rate of 50% means that for every 10 data packets sent, five fail to arrive at their destination.
    A latency of 200 ms indicates that data packets are delivered by the network only 200 ms after they are sent by the SDK.
    Transfer speed cap
    A transfer speed cap of 800 Kbps means that 800 KB of data can be sent per second at most.
    Stutter rate
    Stutter occurs if the interval between the rendering of two consecutive frames exceeds 200 ms. Stutter rate is the total stuttering time divided by the total playback time.
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