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Error Codes

Last updated: 2022-10-20 15:57:08


    The SDK encountered a severe error (for example, invalid license or API call failure) that makes it impossible for stream publishing to continue.


    Video encoding failure does not affect publishing. The SDK will handle the issue automatically to ensure successful encoding of subsequent frames.

    Error Code Event Description
    0 V2TXLIVE_OK No error
    -1 V2TXLIVE_ERROR_FAILED A common error not yet classified
    -2 V2TXLIVE_ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER An invalid parameter was passed to the API.
    -3 V2TXLIVE_ERROR_REFUSED The API call was rejected.
    -4 V2TXLIVE_ERROR_NOT_SUPPORTED The API cannot be called.
    -5 V2TXLIVE_ERROR_INVALID_LICENSE Failed to call the API because the license is invalid. Note: Before calling startLivePlay, you need to call V2TXLivePremier#setLicence to configure the license (you only need to configure the license once). Otherwise, playback will fail (black screen). You can use a live stream publishing license, UGSV license, or video playback license to activate the playback feature. If you don’t have any of the licenses, you can buy one or apply for a trial license for free.
    -6 V2TXLIVE_ERROR_REQUEST_TIMEOUT The request timed out.
    -7 V2TXLIVE_ERROR_SERVER_PROCESS_FAILED The server denied the request.
    -8 V2TXLIVE_ERROR_DISCONNECTED The SDK was disconnected.
    -2304 V2TXLIVE_ERROR_NO_AVAILABLE_HEVC_DECODERS Could not find an available HEVC decoder. This error code indicates that the current device does not support H.265 decoding. Please switch to H.264 for playback.


    Most warning events trigger protection or recovery logic that involves retries. In most cases, the problems can be fixed by the SDK itself. However, some warning events still need to be handled manually. Warnings serve the purpose of reminding you or your end users that an error occurred.

    Error Code Event Description
    1101 V2TXLIVE_WARNING_NETWORK_BUSY Bad network connection: Data upload blocked due to limited upstream bandwidth.
    2105 V2TXLIVE_WARNING_VIDEO_BLOCK Stuttering during video playback.
    -1301 V2TXLIVE_WARNING_CAMERA_START_FAILED Failed to turn the camera on.
    -1316 V2TXLIVE_WARNING_CAMERA_OCCUPIED The camera is occupied. Try a different camera.
    -1314 V2TXLIVE_WARNING_CAMERA_NO_PERMISSION No access to the camera. This usually occurs on mobile devices and may be because the user denied the access.
    -1302 V2TXLIVE_WARNING_MICROPHONE_START_FAILED Failed to turn the mic on.
    -1319 V2TXLIVE_WARNING_MICROPHONE_OCCUPIED The mic is occupied. This occurs when, for example, the user is having a call on the mobile device.
    -1317 V2TXLIVE_WARNING_MICROPHONE_NO_PERMISSION No access to the mic. This usually occurs on mobile devices and may be because the user denied the access.
    -1309 V2TXLIVE_WARNING_SCREEN_CAPTURE_NOT_SUPPORTED The system does not support screen sharing.
    -1308 V2TXLIVE_WARNING_SCREEN_CAPTURE_START_FAILED Failed to start screen recording. If this occurs on a mobile device, it may be because the user denied the access.
    -7001 V2TXLIVE_WARNING_SCREEN_CAPTURE_INTERRUPTED Screen recording was stopped by the system.
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