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Setting Video Quality

Last updated: 2022-06-14 12:41:46

    Sample Code

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    LiveAVSDK uses the setVideoQuality API provided by V2TXLivePusher to set video quality.

    API definition

    You can use setVideoQuality to set the resolution and resolution mode (landscape/portrait) of published video.

    public abstract int setVideoQuality(V2TXLiveVideoEncoderParam param);


    Parameter Type Description
    param V2TXLiveVideoEncoderParam Video encoding parameters.
    • Enumerated values of V2TXLiveVideoResolution:

      V2TXLiveVideoResolution160x160 Resolution: 160 × 160; bitrate: 100-150 Kbps; frame rate: 15 fps
      V2TXLiveVideoResolution270x270 Resolution: 270 × 270; bitrate: 200-300 Kbps; frame rate: 15 fps
      V2TXLiveVideoResolution480x480 Resolution: 480 × 480; bitrate: 350-525 Kbps; frame rate: 15 fps
      V2TXLiveVideoResolution320x240 Resolution: 320 × 240; bitrate: 250-375 Kbps; frame rate: 15 fps
      V2TXLiveVideoResolution480x360 Resolution: 480 × 360; bitrate: 400-600 Kbps; frame rate: 15 fps
      V2TXLiveVideoResolution640x480 Resolution: 640 × 480; bitrate: 600-900 Kbps; frame rate: 15 fps
      V2TXLiveVideoResolution320x180 Resolution: 320 × 180; bitrate: 250-400 Kbps; frame rate: 15 fps
      V2TXLiveVideoResolution480x270 Resolution: 480 × 270; bitrate: 350-550 Kbps; frame rate: 15 fps
      V2TXLiveVideoResolution640x360 Resolution: 640 × 360; bitrate: 500-900 Kbps; frame rate: 15 fps
      V2TXLiveVideoResolution960x540 Resolution: 960 × 540; bitrate: 800-1500 Kbps; frame rate: 15 fps
      V2TXLiveVideoResolution1280x720 Resolution: 1280 × 720; bitrate: 1000-1800 Kbps; frame rate: 15 fps
      V2TXLiveVideoResolution1920x1080 Resolution: 1920 × 1080; bitrate: 2500-3000 Kbps; frame rate: 15 fps
    • Enumerated values of V2TXLiveVideoResolutionMode:

      V2TXLiveVideoResolutionModeLandscape Resolution in landscape mode: V2TXLiveVideoResolution640_360 + V2TXLiveVideoResolutionModeLandscape = 640 × 360
      V2TXLiveVideoResolutionModePortrait Resolution in portrait mode: V2TXLiveVideoResolution640_360 + V2TXLiveVideoResolutionModePortrait = 360 x 640
    Application Scenario resolution resolutionMode
    Live showroom
  • V2TXLiveVideoResolution960x540
  • V2TXLiveVideoResolution1280x720
  • Landscape or portrait
    Live game streaming V2TXLiveVideoResolution1280x720 Landscape or portrait
    Mic connect (primary-stream image) V2TXLiveVideoResolution640x360 Landscape or portrait
    Mic connect (small image) V2TXLiveVideoResolution480x360 Landscape or portrait
    Blu-ray streaming V2TXLiveVideoResolution1920x1080 Landscape or portrait


    For smoother mic connect experience, after mic connect starts, please call setVideoQuality() to set the host’s resolution to V2TXLiveVideoResolution640x360 and the mic-connecting audience’s resolution to V2TXLiveVideoResolution480x360. After mic connect ends, you can call setVideoQuality() again to set the resolutions to previous values.


    1. Why is the video delivered to audience not as clear as that watched by the host?

    The video watched by the host is the raw data captured by the camera after pre-processing (beauty filter application, mirroring, clipping, etc.) and therefore is of high quality. However, the video watched by audience has been compressed and then decoded by the codec. Encoding compromises video quality (the lower the target resolution, the more the video is compressed), which is why the video delivered to audience is not as clear as that watched by the host.

    2. Why does V2TXLivePusher sometimes publish video at a resolution of 368 × 640 or 544 × 960?

    If you enable hardware acceleration, the video published may have atypical resolutions such as 368 × 640 or 544 × 960. This is because some hardware encoders do not allow resolutions that aren’t a multiple of 16. You can change the fill mode of the player to get rid of black bars.

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