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Last updated: 2022-07-21 15:16:28

    Low-Code Development

    EventBridge offers a complete integration path to help you quickly implement event-driven core atomic features. You can quickly integrate EventBridge into your proprietary systems such as BPM, RPA, and CRM in the console, with no need to write additional code.

    Vast Ecosystem

    EventBridge provides a unified Put Event push protocol, which is compatible with CloudEvents 1.0 specifications and fully embraces the open-source community ecosystem. It reduces the business connection costs with its currently connected over 100 event sources and a dozen of targets.

    Data Processing

    EventBridge features data processing capabilities and is connected to upstream data sources such as Kafka, TDMQ, and database, so it can directly and swiftly filter, cleanse, and transform data.

    Fast Build

    EventBridge comes with efficient and convenient event management methods for you to manage, use, and consume events at low costs. With WYSIWYG event targets like function and SMS, it enables you to quickly implement message consumption.

    High Availability

    EventBridge can be deployed in a distributed cluster across availability zones (AZs) in a region-specific manner to offer strong disaster recovery capabilities. In this way, EventBridge can still be available even when some nodes or AZs are abnormal. In addition, it leverages different Tencent Cloud services to meet the needs of different business scenarios and make your service architecture even more robust.

    Supporting Capabilities

    • EventBridge offers various capabilities such as event query, log, and audit as well as full-linkage tracking.
    • EventBridge also provides basic EDA capabilities, including event replay, backup, and retry policy.
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