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Last updated: 2022-07-21 15:16:28

    1. How are cloud service alarm events billed?

    Cloud service alarm events are free of charge. Currently, all of them are delivered to the Tencent Cloud service event bus in Guangzhou region, and no fees will be charged for events in this event bus in the long run. Alarm services migrated from CM are still free of charge.

    2. How are custom event buses billed?

    If you create a custom event bus, fees will be charged by the number of events delivered to it. For billing details, see Product Pricing.

    3. Will fees be charged if I only create an event bus without no events delivered to it?

    No. EventBridge is pay-as-you-go and only charges fees when events are delivered to event buses.

    4. What is the logic of fee freezing?

    EventBridge pushes the usage data to the billing platform hourly, and the actual bill amount is deducted daily. When a custom event bus is created, 0.64 USD will be frozen and will be unfrozen and refunded after the event bus is deleted. If your account balance is less than 0.64 USD, event bus creation will fail.

    5. Will fees be charged when a TDMQ trigger is used in SCF?

    If you configure a TDMQ trigger in SCF, as the underlying layer uses EventBridge to complete triggering, fees will be charged by EventBridge according to the same billing rule.

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