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Use Cases

Last updated: 2022-05-05 16:02:45

    Data Transfer

    EventBridge provides an entire-lifecycle and fully cloud-native event-driven solution that helps you quickly sync architecture data from one system to another, while the development-free and visual configuration features provided by EventBridge greatly save development time.

    Data Processing

    EventBridge provides basic filtering and conversion capabilities to route data between different data warehouses, data processing programs, and data analysis and processing systems.

    Integrated with Tencent Cloud SCF and Flink, EventBridge allows you to use any programming language to develop data processing logic and connect to different systems and services.

    Automated Ops

    EventBridge can be used as a hub to receive status changes of all applications. Auditing events or monitoring alarm events generated for API calls can be quickly delivered to EventBridge, and then EventBridge routes the events to the services that need to perceive the application status changes respectively for message push and automated processing.

    Async System Decoupling

    EventBridge implements async message communication between different systems to decouple mutually dependent services and quickly build a midplatform for applications.

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