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Last updated: 2022-06-28 21:55:27

    Tencent Cloud Elasticsearch Service (ES) is a cloud-managed Elasticsearch service that is highly available and scalable. It is built on Elasticsearch, a RESTful API-based distributed search and analysis engine that can be used to search and analyze massive data.

    While retaining Elasticsearch's compatibility and openness, ES incorporates Tencent Cloud's computing, storage, and security technologies. It has various cluster management functions and is secure, elastic, and highly available. Additionally, ES integrates the official Elastic Stack features (formerly X-Pack), which adds permission management, SQL, machine learning, and alert features to the open source foundation. These features simplify basic OPS tasks like cluster deployment and operation management, letting you focus on the business.

    ES allows you to quickly build applications like massive data storage and search, and real-time log analysis, website search and navigation, search for enterprises, log monitoring, and click analysis.

    Main Components

    • Elasticsearch
      Elasticsearch is a distributed search engine which stores massive data, search the whole text and analyzes statistics. Its RESTful APIs and different programming language clients make it easy to develop based on your business needs.

    • Kibana
      This is a data visualization tool that makes it easy to query and analyze the data stored in an Elasticsearch cluster.

    • Elastic Stack (formerly X-Pack)
      Elastic Stack is Elasticsearch's official plugin which has various advanced features. Its data permission management can be applied to the field level. It can be easily integrated to your existing business via SQL and JDBC connection. Its machine learning and alerts can analyze cluster data and fluctuations to predict data trends and send out huge fluctuation alarms.

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