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YML File Configuration

Last updated: 2021-10-29 15:02:06

    You can configure common parameters by modifying the YML parameter configurations of your Tencent Cloud Elasticsearch Service (ES) instance.


    Viewing configuration items

    Log in to the ES Console and click the ID/name of the cluster you want to modify to enter the details page. Click Advanced configuration to view configuration items.

    Modifying configuration items

    Click Modify Configuration in the YML Configuration section to modify the configuration items. Please see the "Value Description" column for descriptions of the specific input. You can customize other configuration items under More Configurations with YML syntax support.

    Click Confirm and the configured parameter will apply to your cluster. Check "Got It" on the pop-up window and click Restart to restart the cluster. We recommend you perform the restart during off-peak hours if there are replicas of the indices in your cluster, although the operation will not affect your business.


    If the cluster health status is Yellow or Red, or if there is an index without replicas in the cluster, you will be prompted to force restart if you try to modify the configuration items. In such cases, there is a higher risk of data loss or service interruptions if you update the configuration. We recommend repairing the cluster status first by adding replicas to all indices.

    If you are aware of the risk and still want to update the configuration, you can check the "Force Restart" box and click Confirm to restart. For more information, please see the figure below:

    The Tencent Cloud ES instance will restart upon confirmation. You can check the progress in the cluster change history during the restart and your YML file configuration will be completed once the restart is successful.

    Supported Parameters

    Parameter Description Default Value
    indices.fielddata.cache.size Specifies the percentage of Java heap space allocated to the field data 15%
    indices.query.bool.max_clause_count Specifies the maximum number of clauses allowed in a Lucene Boolean query 1024

    Supported Hotfix Parameters

    Parameter Description Valid Values
    action.destructive_requires_name Specifies whether it is required to define the index name when deleting an index true or false. Default value: true

    Reindex Allowlist Configuration

    Parameter Description Default Value
    reindex.remote.whitelist Allowlist of remote ES cluster access addresses []

    Custom Queue Sizes

    Parameter Description Default Value
    thread_pool.bulk.queue_size Document write queue size, applicable to v5.6.4 1024
    thread_pool.write.queue_size Document write queue size, applicable to v6.4.3 and above 1024
    thread_pool.search.queue_size Document search queue size 1024

    Custom CORS Access Configurations

    Parameter Description Default Value
    http.cors.enabled Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) configuration item. true indicates to enable CORS, while false indicates to disable it false
    http.cors.allow-origin Origin resource configuration item, which indicates the domain names allowed for access requests ""
    http.cors.max-age Cache period of the obtained CORS configuration information in the browser 1728000 (20 days)
    http.cors.allow-methods Allowed request methods for CORS OPTIONS, HEAD, GET, POST, PUT, DELETE
    http.cors.allow-headers Request header information allowed for CORS X-Requested-With, Content-Type, Content-Length
    http.cors.allow-credentials Specifies whether to allow Access-Control-Allow-Credentials information to be returned in the response header false

    Watcher Configuration

    Parameter Description Default Value
    xpack.watcher.enabled true indicates to enable the Watcher feature of X-Pack true

    For more information on the configuration items, please see Elasticsearch’s documentation. If you want to customize other configuration items, please submit a ticket.

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