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Data Application Overview

Last updated: 2022-06-29 12:15:52

    Data application is a one-stop data ingestion and management service built in ES. It helps you visually manage indices in the cloud and greatly reduce the usage and maintenance costs otherwise incurred by traditional manual index creation and management. Data management is supported currently, and data ingestion will be supported in the future.
    Data management provides a wealth of services, including index creation, search and analysis, index monitoring, and configuration management, to help you manage data on easy-to-use GUIs. In addition, the automated index feature developed by Tencent Cloud supports automated index lifecycle management and sharding fine-tuning, effectively increases the read and write efficiency, and reduces the storage costs in scenarios involving time series data, such as log analysis and Ops monitoring.

    Feature Overview

    Data management provides the following features:

    • Index creation: It offers easy-to-use GUIs and the flexible JSON mode to effectively reduce the index creation costs. For more information, see Creating Automated Index.
    • Index search and analysis: It allows you to enter the Kibana page from the index list for quick index search and analysis. For more information, see Index Search and Analysis.
    • Basic index information: It allows you to view the index information and manage backing indices in the console. For more information, see Basic Index Information.
    • Index monitoring: It provides a rich set of index monitoring metrics to help you view the real-time data of indices during use. For more information, see Index Monitoring.
    • Index configuration management: It enables you to flexibly modify the index configuration information in the index management center in the console in response to business changes. For more information, see Index Configuration Management.
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