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Last updated: 2020-08-03 11:24:48

    ES is hosted in the cloud, making it easy for you to create and manage Elasticsearch clusters and ensure high availability in production environments. Its core benefits are detailed below:

    Ease of Deployment and Management

    An ES cluster can be created in a few minutes without deploying software and hardware. Additionally, ES comes with a cluster management tool called Kibana, which assist cluster and alert systems to facilitate daily operation and management.

    Elastic Scaling

    ES has various node specifications and storage media for different business needs. Clusters can be scaled up or down to meet your current business needs and control costs.

    Elasticsearch X-Pack

    ES integrates Elasticsearch X-Pack, which has advanced features such as security, SQL, and machine learning to improve the efficiency of security management, usage, and OPS of Elasticsearch clusters.

    High Availability

    ES can be deployed in multiple availability zones, guaranteeing service continuity in the event of force majeure such as network or power failure in one single availability zone. A COS data backup policy can periodically back up the data to ensure rapid restoration in case of data loss due to unexpected conditions. In addition, ES boasts specially created policies such as kernel optimization that help comprehensively ensure data security and service stability.

    Security Reinforcement

    ES can be deployed in a logically isolated VPC, giving you full control over your environment configuration and the ability to customize network access control lists and security groups. It features a blocklisting/allowlisting mechanism for Kibana and IP access requests, and the security capability of X-Pack enables access control at the field level, helping ensure the security of your resources in the cloud.

    Openness and Service Integration

    ES supports the complete system of ELK products and is compatible with standard open-source RESTful APIs and ecosystem components. It can be integrated with Tencent Cloud products such as COS, FL, CMQ, and TencentDB to implement data transfer and backup to meet your needs in different business scenarios.

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