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Last updated: 2022-06-08 15:45:07

Instance APIs

API Name Feature
CreateIndex Creates indices
CreateInstance Creates an ES cluster instance
DeleteIndex Deletes indices
DeleteInstance Terminates an ES cluster instance
DescribeIndexList Obtains the index list
DescribeIndexMeta Obtains index metadata
DescribeInstanceLogs Queries ES cluster logs
DescribeInstanceOperations Queries instance operation history
DescribeInstances Queries ES cluster instances
DescribeViews Queries cluster views
GetRequestTargetNodeTypes Gets the node types used to receive client requests
RestartInstance Restarts an ES cluster instance
RestartKibana Restarts Kibana
RestartNodes Restarts cluster nodes
UpdateDictionaries Updates ES cluster dictionaries
UpdateIndex Updates indices
UpdateInstance Updates an ES cluster instance
UpdatePlugins Changes plugin list
UpdateRequestTargetNodeTypes Updates the node types used to receive client requests
UpgradeInstance Upgrades ES cluster version
UpgradeLicense Upgrades ES X-Pack
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