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Elasticsearch Service December 2019 Release

Last updated: 2020-03-17 10:56:43

This release incorporates the following features:

1.Supports Elasticsearch 6.8

For more information on Elasticsearch 6.8, see:

6.8.0 release highlights

2. Supports an architecture with separated hot and warm data

An architecture with separated hot and warm data can ensure read and write performance while taking storage cost into account. For more information on the principles and practices, see:
Hot-Warm Architecture and Index Lifecycle Management

3. Supports access to Platinum clusters via the Internet

This release supports accessing Elasticsearch clusters via the Internet for improved convenience. This is limited to the Platinum version which has security enabled and ES cluster users go through authentication. Please exercise caution when enabling this feature.

4.Supports tag management for new clusters

This release supports Tencent Cloud’s tag service, helping you sort and manage your Tencent Cloud resources to improve your work efficiency. For more information, see:
Product Overview

Tencent Cloud ES Team

December 2019

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