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Last updated: 2020-11-10 16:24:29

    What is Elasticsearch?

    Elasticsearch is a distributed, scalable, and real-time search and data analysis engine based on Apache Lucene™, a leading full-text search engine library. It supports arbitrary expansion from a single node to hundreds of nodes and enables storage and query of petabytes of structured or unstructured data.

    What business scenarios is ES suitable for?

    ES fully retains the features of Elasticsearch in terms of massive data search such as full-text search, quasi-real-time search, and structured search. It is widely used in business scenarios like log analysis and in-site search. It enables you to build log service systems for other Tencent Cloud services in use such as CVM and TKE and can also integrate search services into your existing business service frameworks.

    What is Elasticsearch Service?

    Tencent Cloud ES is a cloud-based cluster service built on the open-source search engine Elasticsearch. It inherits the openness, compatibility, and usability of Elasticsearch and provides a sufficiency of hardware resources, user-friendly graphical creation and management tools, and comprehensive technical and OPS support.

    I have an unpaid switch order. Will the order still be valid if I upgrade the cluster configuration?

    No. A new purchase order will be generated when the billing mode is switched from pay-as-you-go to monthly subscription, but if you change the configuration of the cluster before paying the order, the amount of the new purchase order will not match the cluster, and the unpaid order cannot be paid.

    If you need to switch the billing mode of the cluster, cancel the unpaid order in the Order Center before proceeding with the switch.

    Can I change the cloud disk type after a successful purchase?

    Currently, switching types of cloud disks is not supported. You can create a snapshot for backup and then use the snapshot to create a cloud disk of your desired type.

    How do I choose the appropriate node and disk when creating a cluster?

    To evaluate the node specification of the ES service, please see Evaluation of Cluster Specification and Capacity Configuration

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