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Last updated: 2022-02-22 09:41:01

    Private DNS Limits

    Currently, Private DNS has the following limits:


    • Tencent Cloud's default DNS IP addresses are and If you don't use the default DNS IP addresses, you will not be able to use the Private DNS service. If you need to modify them, please see Getting Private IP Addresses and Setting DNS.
    • If you have further requirements for your business scenarios, you can contact your sales rep or submit a ticket for assistance.
    Item Threshold Description
    Number of DNS records 100,000 Up to 100,000 DNS records can be added under each UIN account.
    Number of domain names 500 Up to 500 private domain names can be created under each UIN account.
    TTL 1–86400s This is the retention time of a DNS record on the DNS server and can be customized.
    Available regions Jakarta, Tokyo, Hong Kong(China), Frankfurt, Moscow, Singapore, Thailand, Mumbai, South Korea, East America, West America, North America, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, Chongqing,and Nanjing An available region is a VPC region that can be associated with a private domain.
    Private domain creation You can only create domain names (except .com.cn) that comply with the IANA specifications. For more information, please see Root Zone Database.

    Round-Robin DNS Record Limits


    "Number of Round-Robin DNS Records" refers to the number of records of the same record type that can be added for the same host.

    Record Type Number of Round-Robin DNS Records Remarks
    A 10 -
    AAAA 10 -
    TXT 20 TXT round-robin DNS records don't support weight configuration.
    CNAME 5 -
    MX 50 -
    PTR PTR doesn't support round-robin DNS. -
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