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Round-Robin DNS Description

Last updated: 2023-04-25 14:59:32


    The Private DNS-based round-robin DNS is implemented following the principle that different record values are set under the same host record and record type, with a record value returned based on the associated weights after random polling. If there are multiple record values under the same host record and record type, and you want to distribute the access traffic to each record value, this feature can help you implement it.


    The record value returned by resolution is randomly polled but not assigned based on the server load and operating conditions.


    A and CNAME records support round-robin DNS. The example settings for each record type are as shown below.

    Example round-robin DNS settings for A records

    Host Record Type Value Weight TTL
    www A 50 300
    www A 50 300

    Example round-robin DNS settings for CNAME records

    Host Record Record Type Value Weight TTL
    www CNAME www.dnspod.com 50 300
    www CNAME www.dnspod.cn 50 300

    Use Limits

    Those DNS records out of the limit cannot be properly added. To set the number of round-robin DNS records, purchase Value-Added Service Packages first.

    Record Type Number of Round-Robin DNS Records Remarks
    A 10 -
    AAAA 10 -
    TXT 20 Weight setting is unavailable for TXT round-robin DNS.
    CNAME 5 -
    MX 50 -
    PTR PTR record does not support round-robin DNS. -
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