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Authorizable Resource Types

Last updated: 2022-01-28 12:11:13

    Resource-Level permission can be used to specify which resources a user can manipulate. Most APIs of Private DNS support resource-level authorization to allow users to operate on specific private domains.

    Private DNS Resources That Can Be Authorized in CAM

    Resource Type Six-Segment Resource Format
    Private domain qcs::privatedns::$accountid:zone/$zoneId


    • $accountid should always be the AccountId of the resource owner or left empty.
    • $zoneId should always be the ID of a specific private domain. If you want to authorize all private domains, you can enter *.

    Private DNS Operations That Can Be Authorized in CAM

    API Operation API Description Resource Path
    DescribeUserConfig Gets current user configuration *
    DescribeAuditLog Gets the list of operation logs qcs::privatedns::zone/${ZoneId}
    DescribePrivateZoneList Gets the list of private domains qcs::privatedns::zone/${ZoneId}
    ModifyPrivateZoneVpc Modifies VPC associated with private domain qcs::privatedns::zone/${ZoneId}
    DeletePrivateZoneRecord Deletes DNS record for private domain qcs::privatedns::zone/${ZoneId}
    ModifyPrivateZoneRecord Modifies DNS record for private domain qcs::privatedns::zone/${ZoneId}
    DeletePrivateZone Deletes private domain qcs::privatedns::zone/${ZoneId}
    DescribeRequestData Gets the DNS request volume of private domain qcs::privatedns::zone/${ZoneId}
    DescribePrivateZone Gets private domain information qcs::privatedns::zone/${ZoneId}
    DescribePrivateZoneRecordList Gets the list of records for private domain qcs::privatedns::zone/${ZoneId}
    ModifyPrivateZone Modifies private domain qcs::privatedns::zone/${ZoneId}
    CreatePrivateZoneRecord Adds DNS record for private domain qcs::privatedns::zone/${ZoneId}
    DescribeDashboard Gets the overview of Private DNS *
    DescribePrivateZoneService Queries Private DNS activation status *
    SubscribePrivateZoneService Activates Private DNS *
    ModifyUserConfig Modifies current user configuration *
    CreatePrivateZone Creates private domain *
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