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Non-Standard TLDs

Last updated: 2022-10-25 15:11:56

    Non-Standard TLD Overview

    Non-standard TLDs refer to TLDs that do not comply with the IANA standards. If you want to create the second-level domain cloud.tencent in the Private DNS console, you need to purchase the non-standard TLD service here first.


    If you purchase 2 non-standard TLD services with a validity period of 1 month, you can create domains with two non-standard TLDs in the Private DNS console, .tencent and .qq, for example. Specifically, you can create up to 500 multiple domains ended with these two suffixes under a root account, such as qq.tencent, dnspod.tencent, dnspod.qq, tencent.qq, and qq.qq.

    After you delete all non-standard TLD domains ended with .tencent and .qq, you can create different non-standard TLDs.

    Use Restrictions

    • There is a restriction on the purchase of the non-standard TLD service. The quota available for purchase shall be subject to the data shown on the buy page of the Private DNS console.
    • The non-standard TLD service will not increase the limit (500) of domains under a UNI account. For more details, see the Private DNS Limits section of Use Limits.
    • The non-standard TLD service purchased can only be used within its validity period. If the service is not renewed upon expiration, you will be banned from operating (including adding, deleting and modifying) the corresponding TLD domains.
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