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Last updated: 2020-07-30 11:32:26


    Anti-DDoS Advanced can protect your IPs/domain names that are not deployed on Tencent Cloud. Both website and non-website applications are supported.


    By default, each Anti-DDoS Advance instance supports up to 60 forwarding rules, and each rule supports up to 20 real server IPs/domain names.


    • Up to 120 IPs allowed for one DDoS IP blocklist/allowlist
    • Up to 50 IPs allowed for one CC IP blocklist/allowlist
    • Up to 50 URLs allowed for one CC URL allowlist

    Region availability

    Anti-DDoS Advanced is available in the following regions:

    • Mainland China: South China (Guangzhou), East China (Shanghai), North China (Beijing).
    • Outside Mainland China: South China (Hong Kong), Asia-Pacific (Singapore, Seoul, Bangkok, India, Japan), Western U.S. (Silicon Valley), Eastern U.S. (Virginia), North America (Toronto), Europe (Frankfurt, Moscow).

    Below is the protection bandwidth range in different regions.

    Region Base Protection Elastic Protection Maximum Protection Bandwidth
    Guangzhou 20-50 Gbps 30-100 Gbps 100 Gbps
    Beijing 20-50 Gbps 30-100 Gbps 100 Gbps
    Shanghai 20-100 Gbps 30-300 Gbps 300 Gbps
    Outside Mainland China 10-100 Gbps 30-400 Gbps 400 Gbps
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