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Adjust the specification of DDoS High Defense IP instance

Last updated: 2020-05-13 19:50:59

    Operation Scenarios

    When using Anti-DDoS Advanced, if you find that the current specification (such as the base protection bandwidth, number of forwarding rules, or service bandwidth) cannot meet your actual business needs, you can upgrade the Anti-DDoS Advanced instance specification to improve the protection capabilities.
    Specification adjustment in Anti-DDoS Advanced supports increasing the base protection bandwidth, the number of forwarding rules (protected domain names or ports), and the service bandwidth.

    Currently, specification downgrade of purchased Anti-DDoS Advanced instances is not supported.

    Upgrading Anti-DDoS Advanced instance specification incurs additional fees. After the payment is made, the instance specification upgrade will take effect immediately.


    1. Log in to the Anti-DDoS Console.
    2. Select Anti-DDoS Advanced > Resource List.
    3. Click Upgrade in the "Operation" column in the row of the target instance.
    4. Set Upgrade Base Protection, Upgrade Service Bandwidth, or Upgrade Forwarding Rule Quantity as needed.
    5. Click Upgrade Now to enter the Check Information page.
    6. After confirming that everything is correct, determine whether to use vouchers according to your actual needs, and then click Purchase.
    7. After making the payment, return to the Anti-DDoS Advanced resource list and you can see that the specification adjustment has taken effect.
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