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DDoS Simulation Testing Policy

Last updated: 2022-08-29 10:58:56

Some customers who have subscribed to Tencent Anti-DDoS Proundefined Anti-DDoS Advanced or EdgeOne services may want to simulate a DDoS attack to verify whether the Anti-DDoS service functions as expected. This can be achieved via DDoS simulation testing.

DDoS simulation testing is permitted on Tencent Cloud. Howeverundefined you can only conduct DDoS simulation testing against your own application or services. You are aware of the risk of all DDoS simulation testing and responsible for the actions of the tester(s). It’s recommended to perform such tests in staging environments or during non-peak hours to minimize the impact on the production environment.

To avoid any impact to other customers’ services on Tencent Cloudundefined you must inform Tencent Cloud team at least 3 working days before you launch a DDoS simulation testundefined and provide the following information. And you agree to terminate the simulation testing at any point of time when you receive a suspension request from Tencent Cloud team.

  • Attack origin region
  • Attack duration
  • Attack window
  • Attack method (optional)
  • Bandwidth size or range
  • Target IPs/range/zones
  • Target Ports
  • Protocol
  • Max packet/bit rate
  • Contact in case of emergency (Nameundefined email and mobile)
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