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Release Notes

Last updated: 2022-07-12 11:02:43

    April 2022

    UpdateDescriptionRelease DateDocumentation
    Supported setting the instance maintenance time TencentDB for PostgreSQL allows you to set the maintenance time in the console to guarantee the stability of your database instances. 2022-04-26Setting Instance Maintenance Time
    Supported transparent data encryption (TDE) TencentDB for PostareSQL supports the TDE feature to ensure your data security. 2022-04-26Enabling TDE
    Added extensions TencentDB for PostgreSQL supports pg_cron, TopN, and cos_fdw extensions. 2022-04-26Supported Extensions
    Supported PostgreSQL 14 TencentDB for PostgreSQL supports PostgreSQL 14 to provide more stable and faster enterprise-grade database services that are easier to deploy in more industries and help upgrade your business. 2022-04-26Kernel Version Overview

    January 2022

    UpdateDescriptionRelease DateDocumentation
    Supported cross-AZ disaster recovery TencentDB for PostgreSQL supports cross-AZ instance deployment. This can avoid instance unavailability due to failures of a single AZ. 2022-01Modifying AZs
    Supported instance clone TencentDB for PostgreSQL supports instance data restoration through instance clone. 2022-01Cloning Instance
    Supported the cross-AZ creation of read-only instances Read-only TencentDB for PostgreSQL instances can be purchased across AZs for applications deployed in multiple AZs to provide nearby access. 2022-01Overview
    Supported cross-AZ subnet binding TencentDB for PostgreSQL supports binding subnets in different AZs to enable nearby access. Subnet access linkages will no longer be restricted by AZ. 2022-01Modifying Network

    December 2021

    UpdateDescriptionRelease DateDocumentation
    Supported PostgreSQL 13 TencentDB for PostgreSQL supports PostgreSQL 13 to provide more stable and faster enterprise-grade database services that are easier to deploy in more industries and help upgrade your business. 2021-12-
    Supported multi-network settings for instances TencentDB for PostgreSQL supports multiple sets of network configurations, so the same instance can be accessed through different VIPs, and the networks can be modified and switched. This supports multi-plane network features. 2021-12Network Management
    Added extensions New extensions such as `pg_roaringbitmap` and `postgres_fdw` (for cross-database access) are added. 2021-12Supported Plugins/Extensions
    Supported kernel version management TencentDB for PostgreSQL supports multiple kernel versions, with stronger stability and shorter access latency. You can query them and submit tickets to upgrade them. 2021-12Kernel Version Management

    October 2021

    UpdateDescriptionRelease DateDocumentation
    Instances can be downgraded You can now downgrade the compute and disk specifications of an instance in the console. 2021-10Modifying Instance Configuration
    PostgreSQL 9.4, 9.5, and 9.6 support incremental migration You can now install a migration plug-in to incrementally migrate PostgreSQL 9.4, 9.5, and 9.6 databases to reduce business cut-over costs. 2021-10Migration from PostgreSQL to TencentDB for PostgreSQL

    September 2021

    UpdateDescriptionRelease DateDocumentation
    Parameter management is supported You can now set and modify common instance parameters in the console. 2021-09Setting Instance Parameters

    August 2021

    UpdateDescriptionRelease DateDocumentation
    Disk capacity and instance specification have been optimized The mapping between disk capacity and instance specification has been optimized. Instances of low specification can now support a larger disk capacity. 2021-08Instance Types
    Slow query analysis has been optimized Slow query analysis has been upgraded. You can now view and compare the monitoring data of the slow query metric and another metric in the same chart, and view real-time slow query statements in the slow SQL list. 2021-08Slow Query Analysis

    July 2021

    UpdateDescriptionRelease DateDocument
    Scheduled configuration adjustment is supported When upgrading an instance, you can specify the final switch time of the instance so as to avoid uncontrollable switch time after the instance configuration is adjusted. 2021-07Modifying Instance Configuration
    Legacy versions are deactivated
  • v9.3.5 and v9.5.4 are no longer available.
  • Instances cannot be created on these two versions subsequently, but existing instances are still maintained normally.
  • 2021-07-

    May 2021

    UpdateDescriptionRelease DateDocument
    The user experience is optimized
  • The shipping and initialization processes are merged, so newly created instances don't need to be initialized by default.
  • The complexity of the initial user password of databases is increased to meet various compliance requirements.
  • 2021-05-
    Monitoring is upgraded
  • Alarm policies can be set for all metrics.
  • 5-second monitoring is supported for all metrics.
  • The accuracy of data collection by certain metrics is optimized.
  • 2021-05Monitoring Feature
    Secondary authentication is supported now Secondary authentication can be performed during password change. 2021-05-

    April 2021

    UpdateDescriptionRelease DateDocument
    Security enhancement
  • You can now use security groups to control instance access.
  • Security groups control both public and private network access of instances in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Chengdu, but only the private network access of instances in other regions.
  • The security group of an RO group can be different from those of the read-only instances in the RO group.
  • 2021-04Managing Security Groups
    Instance management
  • You can purchase read-only instances in the monthly subscription billing mode for monthly subscribed primary instances.
  • You can return monthly subscribed instances.
  • 2021-04Instance Management
    Instance recycle bin
  • Terminated instances will be moved to the recycle bin; therefore, if any instances are terminated by mistake, they can be restored from the recycle bin.
  • Instances in the recycle bin can be restored.
  • Instances in the recycle bin can be eliminated.
  • 2021-04Instance Management

    January 2021

    UpdateDescriptionRelease DateDocument
    PostgreSQL v12.4 is now available TencentDB for PostgreSQL now supports PostgreSQL v12.4. 2021-01 Overview

    December 2020

    UpdateDescriptionRelease DateDocument
    Read-only instances are now supported TencentDB for PostgreSQL allows you to create one or more read-only instances, which are suitable for read/write separation and one-primary-multi-standby application scenarios and capable of greatly enhancing the read load capacity of your database. 2020-12 Creating Read-Only Instances

    September 2020

    UpdateDescriptionRelease DateDocument
    PostgreSQL v11.8 is now available Combined with optimized kernel and a complete set of management services, TencentDB for PostgreSQL v11.8 provides a more stable enterprise-level database service that is easier to deploy in more areas, helping you upgrade your business. 2020-09 Purchase Methods
    Optimized monitoring metrics TencentDB for PostgreSQL v11.8 optimized more than 10 monitoring metrics to better locate database issues. You can now view the history of databases status at a granularity of 5 seconds. 2020-09 Monitoring Feature
    Upgraded plugins TencentDB for PostgreSQL v11.8 supports more plugins/extension such as wal2json and pg_bigm now. 2020-09 Supported Plugins/Extensions

    August 2020

    UpdateDescriptionRelease DateDocument
    Instance tags are now supported You can now add and edit a tag for a TencentDB for PostgreSQL instance. You can also authenticate resources according to their tags. 2020-08 Overview
    Serverless instances can be viewed in the console You can view and manage serverless instances in the TencentDB for PostgreSQL console. 2020-08 Overview

    July 2020

    UpdateDescriptionRelease DateDocument
    Access management is now supported TencentDB for PostgreSQL now supports resource-level access management. You can set sub-users to control the permissions of instances on a detailed level. 2020-07 Access Management

    April 2020

    UpdateDescriptionRelease DateDocument
    Pay-as-You-Go billing is now supported You can now purchase pay-as-you-go TencentDB for PostgreSQL instances. 2020-04 Pricing

    March 2020

    UpdateDescriptionRelease DateDocument
    Serverless instance support PostgreSQL for Serverless (ServerlessDB) is a PostgreSQL-based database product that enables on-demand allocation of resources. It can automatically allocate resources according to the actual number of requests. 2020-03 Serverless
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