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Authorizable Resource Types

Last updated: 2021-09-03 16:41:09

    Resource-Level Permission Overview

    Resource-level permissions specify resources a user can operate. TencentDB for PostgreSQL supports specific resource-level permissions, i.e., allowing the user to perform operations or use specific resources.
    In Cloud Access Management (CAM), the types of PostgreSQL resources that can be authorized are as follows:

    Resource Type Resource Description Method in Access Policies
    Instance qcs::postgres:$region:$account:DBInstanceId/$DBInstanceId

    The PostgreSQL instance APIs section in this document describes PostgreSQL API operations that currently support resource-level permissions as well as resources and condition keys supported by each operation. When configuring the resource path, you need to replace values of the parameters such as $region and $account with your actual values. You can also use the wildcard (*) in the path. For more information, please see Console Examples.


    For a PostgreSQL API operation that does not support authorization at the resource level, you can still authorize a user to perform the operation. In this case, you must specify * as the resource element in the policy statement.

    List of APIs Not Supporting Resource-Level Permissions

    API Operation API Description
    CreateDBInstances Creates an instance
    CreateServerlessDBInstance Creates a PostgreSQL for Serverless instance
    DescribeOrders Obtains order information
    DescribeRegions Queries available regions
    DescribeZones Queries available availability zones
    DescribeProductConfig Queries product specifications
    InquiryPriceCreateDBInstances Queries prices
    DescribeServerlessDBInstances Queries the list of PostgreSQL for Serverless instances

    List of APIs Supporting Resource-Level Permissions

    [PostgreSQL instance APIs]

    PostgreSQL for Serverless instance APIs

    API Name API Description
    CloseServerlessDBExtranetAccess Disables the public network access for a PostgreSQL for Serverless instance
    DeleteServerlessDBInstance Deletes a PostgreSQL for Serverless instance
    OpenServerlessDBExtranetAccess Enables the public network access for a PostgreSQL for Serverless instance

    Backup and restoration APIs

    API Name API Description
    DescribeDBBackups Queries the list of instance backups
    DescribeDBErrlogs Obtains error logs
    DescribeDBSlowlogs Obtains slow query logs
    DescribeDBXlogs Obtains the Xlog list

    Instance APIs

    API Name API Description
    CloseDBExtranetAccess Disables the public network address for an instance
    DescribeDBInstanceAttribute Queries instance details
    DescribeDatabases Pulls the instance list
    DestroyDBInstance Terminates an instance
    InitDBInstances Initializes an instance
    InquiryPriceRenewDBInstance Queries the instance renewal price
    InquiryPriceUpgradeDBInstance Queries the instance upgrade price
    ModifyDBInstanceName Modifies the instance name
    ModifyDBInstancesProject Transfers an instance to another project
    OpenDBExtranetAccess Enables public network access
    RenewInstance Renews an instance
    RestartDBInstance Restarts an instance
    SetAutoRenewFlag Sets auto-renewal
    UpgradeDBInstance Upgrades an instance
    DescribeDBInstances Queries the instance list

    Account APIs

    API Name API Description
    DescribeAccounts Obtains the list of instance users
    ModifyAccountRemark Modifies the account password
    ResetAccountPassword Resets the account password
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