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Instance Type and Specification

Last updated: 2022-06-15 11:15:45

    A TencentDB instance is a standalone database environment running in Tencent Cloud. It includes multiple databases created by users and can be accessed using the same tools and applications as those for a standalone database instance.

    Instance Types

    TencentDB for PostgreSQL supports the following types of instances:

    Instance TypeDefinitionArchitectureVisible in the Instance ListFeature
    Primary instance An instance that can be read from and written to High-Availability edition Yes A primary instance can mount read-only instances for read/write separation
    Read-Only instance An instance that can only be read from Single-Node read-only Yes A read-only instance cannot exist on its own. Instead, it must be affiliated to a primary instance. Its data comes solely from syncing with the primary instance, and it must reside in the same region as the primary instance. By default, you can create up to seven read-only instances for a primary instance. To create more than seven read-only instances, please submit a ticket.


    • For more information on the creation of and notes on the read-only instance, please see Creating Read-Only Instances.
    • For more information on creating and configuring a read-only instance group (RO group), please see Managing RO Groups.

    Supported Instance Specifications

    EditionVersionSpecification TypeCPU and MEMDisk Capacity
    Dual-Server high-availability edition (one primary and one standby)
    Read-Only instance
    10, 11, 12, 13 and 14 General - local high-performance SSD 1 core, 2 GiB 10-2,000 GB
    2 cores, 4 GiB10-2,000 GB
    2 cores, 6 GiB10-2,000 GB
    4 cores, 8 GiB10-2,000 GB
    4 cores, 16 GiB10-2,500 GB
    6 cores, 24 GiB10-3,000 GB
    8 cores, 32 GiB10-3,500 GB
    8 cores, 48 GiB10-4,000 GB
    12 cores, 64 GiB1,000-4,500 GB
    16 cores, 96 GiB1,000-5,000 GB
    20 cores, 128 GiB1,000-5,500 GB
    28 cores, 240 GiB1,000-6,000 GB
    48 cores, 480 GiB1,000-6,000 GB
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