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Use Limits

Last updated: 2024-01-22 22:15:48
This document describes the use limits of Cloud File Storage (CFS) snapshots to help you use this feature more efficiently.
Number of snapshots
100 per file system
Number of scheduled snapshot policies
Number of file systems that can be bound to a scheduled snapshot policy
Supported file system type
File system snapshots can be created by using either of the following methods: Copy-On-Write (COW) and Redirect-On-Write (ROW).
If the snapshot of a file system is Migrating, the snapshot has been taken (metadata captured and original file system data marked), and the migration is taking place.
During snapshot migration, the file system can be used properly. You can overwrite, modify, and delete files in the file system without affecting snapshot data migration or causing snapshot file loss.
Creating the first snapshot for a file system may take a while as all data in the file system needs to be migrated, and follow-up snapshots are faster to create, because only incremental data is migrated.
During snapshot migration, the I/O performance of the file system may decrease by about 15%. You are advised to configure proper scheduled snapshot policies, so that snapshots are taken during off-peak hours of your business.
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