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Use Limits

Last updated: 2024-01-22 22:15:48
This feature is available only to Turbo file systems. It is under beta testing. To try it, submit a ticket.
The use limits of the user quota feature are as detailed below:
Capacity quota
10 GiB to 1,000 TiB, with a minimum step of 1 GiB
File count quota
10,000 to 1 billion, with a minimum step of 10,000
If quotas are set for both a user and their user group, both the quotas will take effect. If the limit of a quota is reached, it will trigger the system quota limit, and the "No space" error will occur for writes exceeding the limit.
If both capacity quota and file count quota are small, the capacity actually available for writes and number of files allowed will be slightly greater than the quota limits.

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