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Use Limits

Last updated: 2024-01-22 22:15:48


    The limits are as described below:
    Size of files subject to lifecycle management
    Only files of 64 KB or larger ‍can be transitioned, and the transition policies do not apply to files smaller than 64 KB.
    File systems associated with a lifecycle management policy
    A lifecycle management policy can be associated with up to 20 file systems.
    Lifecycle management policies associated with a file system
    A file system can be associated with up to 20 lifecycle management policies.
    File system paths associated in a policy
    Up to 50 paths in the same file system can be associated in a policy.
    Policies associated with a directory
    A directory and its parent directory and subdirectories can be associated with up to one lifecycle management policy.
    This feature is available to Turbo file systems only. To try it, submit a ticket.


    If a directory associated with a lifecycle management policy is renamed, the files in it will no longer be subject to the lifecycle management policy.
    Files in the directory associated with a deleted lifecycle management policy will no longer be transitioned to IA storage, and those in the same directory that have been in IA storage will remain unchanged in their storage status.
    The lifecycle management feature is unavailable to clusters created before March 15, 2023. If you need to use this feature, submit a ticket to upgrade the clusters first.
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