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Billing Examples

Last updated: 2024-01-22 21:58:08


    An organization has 300 CVMs that need to access High-Throughput file systems in the Chinese mainland. Currently, its storage usage is 5 TiB, and deployed bandwidth capacity is 10 GiB/s (9 GiB/s used).
    Total cost of CFS per hour = 5 × 1024 × 0.00019841 + 10 × 0.59523809 = 6.97 USD.
    The High-Throughput CFS storage is measured based on the peak storage used in an hour and billed hourly.
    The High-Throughput CFS bandwidth is measured based on the bandwidth capacity actually deployed (independent of the bandwidth quota used) and billed hourly. To scale the existing bandwidth capacity, submit a ticket.
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