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Last updated: 2022-10-18 15:32:45

Cloud File Storage (CFS) provides a scalable shared file storage service that can be used with Tencent Cloud services such as CVM, TKE, and BatchCompute. CFS offers standard NFS and CIFS/SMB file system access protocols as well as shared data sources for multiple CVM instances or other computing services. It supports elastic capacity expansion and performance scaling. Your existing applications can be mounted for use without modification. As a highly available and reliable distributed file system, CFS is suitable for various scenarios such as big data analysis, media processing, and content management.

Regions and AZs

The regions and AZs where CFS is supported are as listed below. You need to enter the AZ parameter when creating a file system.

region zone_id zone_name AZ
bj 800001 ap-beijing-1 Beijing Zone 1
800002 ap-beijing-2 Beijing Zone 2
800003 ap-beijing-3 Beijing Zone 3
800004 ap-beijing-5 Beijing Zone 5
sh 200002 ap-shanghai-2 Shanghai Zone 2
200003 ap-shanghai-3 Shanghai Zone 3
gz 100002 ap-guangzhou-2 Guangzhou Zone 2
100003 ap-guangzhou-3 Guangzhou Zone 3
100004 ap-guangzhou-4 Guangzhou Zone 4
cd 160001 ap-chengdu-1 Chengdu Zone 1
hk 300001 ap-hongkong-1 Hong Kong Zone 1
shjr 700001 ap-shanghai-fsi-1 Shanghai Finance Zone 1
700002 ap-shanghai-fsi-2 Shanghai Finance Zone 2
szjr 110001 ap-shenzhen-fsi-1 Shenzhen Finance Zone 1
110002 ap-shenzhen-fsi-2 Shenzhen Finance Zone 2
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