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Billing Case

Last updated: 2024-01-22 21:58:08


    An organization has 20 CVMs in the Chinese mainland, and uses a solution of 40 TiB Standard Turbo file system and IA storage to store AI training sample/model data. At 10:00 AM on July 1, data in the Standard Turbo system and in the AI storage is 25 TiB ‍and 250 TiB, respectively. During this hour, 50 GiB of data is pulled from IA storage and 20 GiB transitioned to IA storage. The CFS costs for this hour are as follows:
    Cost of Standard Turbo: 40 x 1024 x 0.000080555 = 4.875 USD
    Cost of IA storage usage: 250 x 1024 x 0.00002381 = 6.096 USD
    Cost of IA s‍torage access: (‍50 + 20) x 0.00857= 0.6 USD
    Total cost: Cost of Standard Turbo + Cost of IA storage usage + Cost of IA storage access = 4.875 + 6.096 + 0.6 = 11.571 USD
    Standard Turbo file systems are charged according to the storage capacity deployed, rather than the actual usage.
    Both upstream and downstream access involved in IA storage will be billed.
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