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Machine Group Exception

Last updated: 2022-01-19 12:52:09

    Error Description

    When the machine group is configured, LogListener may have an exception, such as disconnection from the CLS server and log upload failure. In this case, the machine group is exceptional, as shown below:

    Troubleshooting Directions


    These troubleshooting steps only apply to LogListener 2.2.4 or later. If you’re using an earlier version, see Troubleshooting Earlier LogListener Versions.

    1. Use the LogListener diagnostic tool

    This tool helps you quickly check the LogListener operation, heartbeat and configuration.
    Run the following CLI commands.

    /etc/init.d/loglistenerd check

    The following output indicates that LogListener is running properly.


    LogListener process exception

    If the result returns “[ERROR] loglistener is not running” as shown in the following figure, it indicates that LogListener is not started. Run the /etc/init.d/loglistenerd start command to start it. For more information about the operation commands, see Using LogListener.


    LogListener heartbeat exception

    If the result returns “[ERROR] check loglistener heartbeat fail”, it indicates that LogListener has a heartbeat exception.

    Many causes can lead to a LogListener heartbeat exception. Possible causes include:

    • Network error
    telnet <cls domain name> 80

    Check the network connectivity. For more information about the CLS domain name, see Available Regions.

    • Incorrect key

    To check the LogListener key, access the LogListener installation directory and run the following command.

    grep secret etc/loglistener.conf

    2. Check for the IP address of the machine group

    Check that the IP address added to the machine group is the one configured on LogListener during installation. Run the following command to check the IP address configured on LogListener.

    grep group_ip etc/loglistener.conf

    Log in to the CLS console, and select Server Group in the left sidebar. On the Server Group Management page, view and verify that the IP address of the machine group is the same as that configured on LogListener.

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