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Error Codes

Last updated: 2022-10-11 11:33:44

Feature Description

If there is an Error field in the response, it means that the API call failed. For example:

    "Response": {
        "Error": {
            "Code": "AuthFailure.SignatureFailure",
            "Message": "The provided credentials could not be validated. Please check your signature is correct."
        "RequestId": "ed93f3cb-f35e-473f-b9f3-0d451b8b79c6"

Code in Error indicates the error code, and Message indicates the specific information of the error.

Error Code List

Common Error Codes

Error Code Description
ActionOffline This API has been deprecated.
AuthFailure.InvalidAuthorization Authorization in the request header is invalid.
AuthFailure.InvalidSecretId Invalid key (not a TencentCloud API key type).
AuthFailure.MFAFailure MFA failed.
AuthFailure.SecretIdNotFound Key does not exist. Check if the key has been deleted or disabled in the console, and if not, check if the key is correctly entered. Note that whitespaces should not exist before or after the key.
AuthFailure.SignatureExpire Signature expired. Timestamp and server time cannot differ by more than five minutes. Please ensure your current local time matches the standard time.
AuthFailure.SignatureFailure Invalid signature. Signature calculation error. Please ensure you’ve followed the signature calculation process described in the Signature API documentation.
AuthFailure.TokenFailure Token error.
AuthFailure.UnauthorizedOperation The request is not authorized. For more information, see the CAM documentation.
DryRunOperation DryRun Operation. It means that the request would have succeeded, but the DryRun parameter was used.
FailedOperation Operation failed.
InternalError Internal error.
InvalidAction The API does not exist.
InvalidParameter Incorrect parameter.
InvalidParameterValue Invalid parameter value.
InvalidRequest The multipart format of the request body is incorrect.
IpInBlacklist Your IP is in uin IP blacklist.
IpNotInWhitelist Your IP is not in uin IP whitelist.
LimitExceeded Quota limit exceeded.
MissingParameter A parameter is missing.
NoSuchProduct The product does not exist.
NoSuchVersion The API version does not exist.
RequestLimitExceeded The number of requests exceeds the frequency limit.
RequestLimitExceeded.GlobalRegionUinLimitExceeded Uin exceeds the frequency limit.
RequestLimitExceeded.IPLimitExceeded The number of ip requests exceeds the frequency limit.
RequestLimitExceeded.UinLimitExceeded The number of uin requests exceeds the frequency limit.
RequestSizeLimitExceeded The request size exceeds the upper limit.
ResourceInUse Resource is in use.
ResourceInsufficient Insufficient resource.
ResourceNotFound The resource does not exist.
ResourceUnavailable Resource is unavailable.
ResponseSizeLimitExceeded The response size exceeds the upper limit.
ServiceUnavailable Service is unavailable now.
UnauthorizedOperation Unauthorized operation.
UnknownParameter Unknown parameter.
UnsupportedOperation Unsupported operation.
UnsupportedProtocol HTTP(S) request protocol error; only GET and POST requests are supported.
UnsupportedRegion API does not support the requested region.

Service Error Codes

Error Code Description
AuthFailure CAM signature/authentication error.
FailedOperation.BindedAlarm The alarm notification template has already been bound to an alarm policy.
FailedOperation.GetlogReachLimit The number of searched logs has reached the upper limit.
FailedOperation.InValidIndexRuleForSearchLow IA storage does not support key-value or tag index configuration.
FailedOperation.InvalidAlarm The alarm policy is exceptional. Please check whether all the log topic IDs exist.
FailedOperation.InvalidContext The search cursor is invalid or does not exist.
FailedOperation.InvalidPeriod The offline storage period cannot be less than 7 days.
FailedOperation.LogsetConflict The same logset already exists.
FailedOperation.LogsetNotEmpty There are log topics under the logset.
FailedOperation.MissingContent Invalid Content.
FailedOperation.PeriodModifyForbidden The modified lifecycle is prohibited.
FailedOperation.QueryError The query statement failed to run.
FailedOperation.ReadQpsLimit The read QPS exceeds the limit.
FailedOperation.SearchTimeout The query timed out.
FailedOperation.ShipperTaskNotToRetry Shipping task retry is not allowed.
FailedOperation.SyntaxError An error occurred while parsing the query statement.
FailedOperation.TagQpsLimit The frequency of tag service requests is limited.
FailedOperation.TopicClosed The log topic has been disabled.
FailedOperation.TopicIsolated The log topic has been isolated.
FailedOperation.WriteQpsLimit The write QPS exceeds the limit.
FailedOperation.WriteTrafficLimit The write traffic exceeds the limit.
InvalidParameter.AlarmConflict The alarm policy already exists.
InvalidParameter.AlarmNoticeConflict The alarm notification template already exists.
InvalidParameter.ConfigConflict The same collection configuration rule already exists.
InvalidParameter.Content Invalid Content.
InvalidParameter.DbDuplication The unique key of database conflicts.
InvalidParameter.ExportConflict The export job already exists.
InvalidParameter.InValidIndexRuleForSearchLow IA storage does not support key-value or tag index configuration.
InvalidParameter.IndexConflict An index rule already exists for the specified log topic.
InvalidParameter.LogsetConflict The same logset already exists.
InvalidParameter.MachineGroupConflict The same machine group already exists.
InvalidParameter.ShipperConflict Shipping rule naming conflict.
InvalidParameter.TopicConflict There is already a log topic with the same name in the specified logset.
LimitExceeded.Config The collection rule configuration exceeds the maximum value limit.
LimitExceeded.Export The number of exported logs exceeds the limit.
LimitExceeded.LogSearch The number of concurrent queries exceeds the limit, which is 15 per topic.
LimitExceeded.LogSize The log size exceeds the limit.
LimitExceeded.Logset The number of logsets exceeds the limit.
LimitExceeded.MachineGroup The number of machine groups exceeds the limit.
LimitExceeded.MachineGroupIp The number of machine group IPs exceeds the limit.
LimitExceeded.MachineGroupIpLabels The number of machine group labels exceeds the limit.
LimitExceeded.Partition The number of partitions exceeds the limit.
LimitExceeded.SearchResources Out of search memory.
LimitExceeded.SearchResultTooLarge The number of logs returned by the search API exceeds the upper limit (20 MB).
LimitExceeded.Shipper The number of shipping rules exceeds the limit.
LimitExceeded.Tag The number of tags exceeds the limit.
LimitExceeded.Topic The number of log topics exceeds the limit.
OperationDenied Operation denied.
OperationDenied.ACLFailed ACL verification failed.
OperationDenied.AccountDestroy The account has been terminated.
OperationDenied.AccountIsolate The account has overdue payments.
OperationDenied.AccountNotExists The account does not exist.
OperationDenied.AlarmNotSupportForSearchLow IA storage does not support alarms.
OperationDenied.AnalysisSwitchClose The analysis feature is not enabled for the field.
OperationDenied.NoticeHasAlarm The notification template is bound to an alarm and cannot be deleted.
OperationDenied.OperationNotSupportInSearchLow The operation is not supported in IA storage.
OperationDenied.TopicHasDataFormTask A data processing task is bound to this topic.
OperationDenied.TopicHasDeliverFunction The topic is bound to a function for shipping.
OperationDenied.TopicHasScheduleSqlTask The topic is bound to the scheduleSql job.
ResourceNotFound.AgentVersionNotExist The agent version does not exist.
ResourceNotFound.AlarmNotExist The alarm policy does not exist.
ResourceNotFound.AlarmNoticeNotExist The alarm notification template does not exist.
ResourceNotFound.ConfigNotExist The specified collection rule configuration does not exist.
ResourceNotFound.ExportNotExist The log export does not exist.
ResourceNotFound.IndexNotExist The index does not exist.
ResourceNotFound.LogsetNotExist The specified logset does not exist.
ResourceNotFound.MachineGroupNotExist The machine group does not exist.
ResourceNotFound.PartitionNotExist The partition does not exist.
ResourceNotFound.ShipperNotExist The shipping rule does not exist.
ResourceNotFound.ShipperTaskNotExist The shipping task does not exist.
ResourceNotFound.TopicNotExist The log topic does not exist.
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