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Last updated: 2022-08-01 16:04:28

Welcome to Tencent Cloud Cloud Log Service (CLS).

CLS is a one-stop logging solution. You can stop worrying about scaling or other resource issues and access CLS within just five minutes. CLS offers comprehensive, stable, and reliable log services for collecting, storing, searching, and analyzing logs, helping you identify business issues, monitor metrics, ensure security, and simplify operations, thereby improving the Ops and operation efficiency and making full use of data.

You can use the APIs described in this document to create log topics, report or search logs, and perform other operations on CLS. Before using these APIs, see Cloud Log Service Overview and Billing Overview to learn about CLS billable items and their prices.


  • All CLS APIs described in this document have been upgraded to API 3.0 and all new CLS features will be updated here. We recommend you use API 3.0.
  • Legacy APIs remain available, but will not be updated. For more information about legacy APIs, see CLS API (Legacy) Overview
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