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Last updated: 2022-08-23 15:21:18

Log Topic APIs

API Name Feature
CreateTopic Creates log topic
DeleteTopic Deletes log topic
DescribeTopics Gets the list of log topics
ModifyTopic Modifies a log topic

Logset APIs

API Name Feature
CreateLogset Creates logset
DeleteLogset Deletes logset
DescribeLogsets Gets the list of logsets
ModifyLogset Modifies logset

Topic Partition APIs

API Name Feature
DescribePartitions Gets the list of partitions
MergePartition Merges partitions
SplitPartition Splits topic partition

Machine Group APIs

API Name Feature
CreateMachineGroup Creates machine group
DeleteMachineGroup Deletes machine group
DescribeMachineGroups Gets the list of machine groups
DescribeMachines Gets machine status
ModifyMachineGroup Modifies machine group

Index APIs

API Name Feature
CreateIndex Creates index
DeleteIndex Deletes index configuration
DescribeIndex Gets index configuration information
ModifyIndex Modifies index

Log APIs

API Name Feature
CreateExport Creates log download task
DeleteExport Deletes log download task
DescribeExports Gets the list of log download tasks
DescribeLogContext Searches in context
DescribeLogHistogram DescribeLogHistogram
SearchLog SearchLog
UploadLog Uploads log

Alarm Policy APIs

API Name Feature
CreateAlarm Creates alarm policy
CreateAlarmNotice Creates a notification group
DeleteAlarm Deletes alarm policy
DeleteAlarmNotice Deletes a notification group
DescribeAlarmNotices Gets the notification group list
DescribeAlarms Gets the list of alarm policies
GetAlarmLog Gets the records of alarm tasks
ModifyAlarm Modifies alarm policy
ModifyAlarmNotice Modifies a notification group

CKafka shipping task APIs

API Name Feature
CreateConsumer Creates a shipping task
DeleteConsumer Deletes a shipping task
DescribeConsumer Queries a shipping task
ModifyConsumer Modifies a shipping task

COS Shipping Task APIs

API Name Feature
CreateShipper Creates a shipping rule
DeleteShipper Deletes shipping rule
DescribeShipperTasks Gets the list of shipping tasks
DescribeShippers Gets the list of shipping rules
ModifyShipper Modifies shipping rule
RetryShipperTask Retries failed shipping task

Collection Configuration APIs

API Name Feature
ApplyConfigToMachineGroup Applies collection configuration to specified machine group
CreateConfig Creates collection rule configuration
DeleteConfig Deletes collection rule configuration
DeleteConfigFromMachineGroup Deletes collection configuration applied to machine group
DescribeConfigMachineGroups Gets machine group bound to collection rule configuration
DescribeConfigs Gets collection rule configuration
DescribeMachineGroupConfigs Gets collection rule configuration bound to machine group
ModifyConfig Modifies collection rule configuration

Native Kafka Production and Consumption APIs

API Name Feature
CloseKafkaConsumer Disables Kafka consumption
OpenKafkaConsumer Enables Kafka consumption
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