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Last updated: 2022-07-12 16:22:19

    A map shows the geographic location of data through the position of graphics. It is generally used to display the distribution of data in different geographic locations. It is suitable for geographic statistics scenarios, such as the geographic distribution of attacker IPs.

    Chart Configuration

    General configuration

    Configuration Item Description
    Basic information Chart Name: Set the display name of the table, which can be left empty.
    Map Location: Set the region range displayed on the map. You can select China map or world map. It is set to Auto by default, in which case the map is automatically adapted to the region information contained in the data.
    Legend Set the chart legends. You can control the legend styles and positions and add comparison data to legends.

    Chart Operations

    Filtering regions by value

    You can drag the value range in the bottom-left corner of the map to display regions in the specified value range.

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