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Case Overview

Last updated: 2022-05-26 16:48:20


    The cases in this document will help you get a general and perceptual understanding of data processing. You can also copy the functions in these cases for your own data processing.


    • v function: v("Field A") indicates the value of field A. The parameter is Field or Field value in some functions. The common error is that: the function parameter is Field value but the v function is not used to get the field value, which leads to function execution failure.
    • If you need to distribute logs to multiple log topics, you need to configure the target log topic and its target name in advance. The target name is used by the distribution function.
    • fields_set function: the fields_set function is used to set field values and store the content processed by data processing function. For example, fields_set("A+B",op_add(v("Field A"),v("Field B"))) is to add the values of fields A and B, and the op_add function needs to leverage the fields_set function to complete result writing and storage.


    You can refer to the following cases to complete your data processing:

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