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Last updated: 2020-07-27 11:39:44


    See the Cloud Log Service entry below.

    Key-Value Index

    Key-value index is an index type for search analysis. It parses a log into key-value pairs, each of which uniquely defines a Key name. The query syntax for key-value indexes is Key:Value.

    Server Group

    A server group is a list of servers for which logs are collected. A log topic can bind to multiple server groups, and a server group can also be bound to multiple log topics.


    LogListener is a CLS client that collects logs and reports them in real time based on preset collection policies.

    Full-Text Index

    Full-text index is an index type for log query and search. It parses a log into segments. Enter your keywords, and logs will be searched based on the segments.

    Cloud Log Service

    Cloud Log Service (CLS) is a one-stop logging solution. It can be easily integrated in just five minutes, freeing you from resource or scaling issues. CLS offers solutions for collecting, storing, searching, and analyzing logs, helping you identify business issues, monitor metrics, ensure security, and simplify operations.


    Logset is a logical concept for project management in CLS. A logset corresponds to a project.

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