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Last updated: 2022-02-11 10:25:34

    TDMQ for Pulsar is Tencent's proprietary messaging middleware based on Apache Pulsar. It comes with excellent cloud native and serverless features and is compatible with all components and principles of Pulsar. It also has the underlying benefits of computing-storage separation and flexible scaling.

    TDMQ for Pulsar can add async decoupling and peak shifting capabilities to distributed application systems. It features massive message retention, high throughput, and reliable retry mechanism required by internet applications. Currently, it is widely used in Tencent's most billing scenarios, including primary payment process as well as real-time reconciliation, monitoring, and big data analysis.


    • High consistency, reliability, and concurrency
    • Storage-Service separation and support for dynamic horizontal scaling
    • Seamless scalability out to over a million topics
    • Very low publish and end-to-end latency
    • Multiple subscription modes for topics (exclusive, shared, and failover)
    • A serverless lightweight computing framework Pulsar Functions offers the capability for stream-native data processing
    • Native support for multiple clusters in a Pulsar instance, with seamless geo-replication of messages across clusters
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