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Comparison with Open-Source Edition

Last updated: 2022-05-20 17:13:57

The performance comparison between TDMQ for Pulsar and open-source Apache Pulsar is as follows:

Item TDMQ for Pulsar Apache Pulsar
  • It supports on-demand usage and the pay-as-you-go billing mode, eliminating your need to care about configuration.
  • It is Ops-free, eliminating your need to care about the underlying components.
  • It can send/receive messages over the HTTP protocol via TencentCloud API, which is easy to use.
  • It is natively interconnected with basic capabilities such as Tencent Cloud CM and CAM.
  • It has a high SLA, and its parameters are fine-tuned in a targeted manner.
  • It offers new open-source features in time.
  • It allows configuring some parameters more flexibly.
  • Shortcomings It generally takes two to three months to add a new open-source feature.
  • It depends on a large number of components and therefore has a high Ops workload.
  • It doesn't provide an SLA.
  • Its security protection capabilities are limited.
  • It cannot be configured precisely, which causes resource waste.
  • General performance Hundreds of thousands of QPS Hundreds of thousands of QPS
    Stress test on 2-core 4 GB MEM server 100,000 QPS for write to three replicas (average message size of 1 KB) 80,000 QPS for write to three replicas (average message size of 1 KB)
    Costs It supports the pay-as-you-go billing mode, which is elastic, has a reasonable resource usage, makes costs controllable, and requires no manual Ops. Self-built message queues cannot be used elastically and have a low resource utilization but high costs. They require manual maintenance and incur high Ops costs.
    Scalability It is very flexible and easy to scale. You don't need to pay attention to the scaling process and can fully utilize the scale effect to sustain sudden high loads. Broker nodes can be flexibly added, but it is complex to manually scale out a BookKeeper cluster, during which maloperations can easily occur and affect the data.
    Availability It is deployed across multiple AZs and stores messages in three replicas in different AZs. Tencent Cloud guarantees an availability of above 99.95% and provides cluster traffic throttling and optimization to prevent the cluster from being crashed by high traffic. You need to deploy it in different regions to guarantee the availability and ensure the cluster availability in case of a high traffic load on your own.
    Security protection It natively supports security protection capabilities by using Tencent Cloud security products. You need to install and configure open-source plugins.
    Monitoring and alarming It natively supports monitoring and alarming capabilities with the aid of CM. You need to install and configure open-source plugins.
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