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Last updated: 2022-07-18 14:12:28

Cluster APIs

API Name Feature
CreateCluster Creates cluster
DeleteCluster Deletes cluster
DescribeBindClusters Gets the list of dedicated clusters
DescribeClusterDetail Gets cluster details
DescribeClusters Gets the list of clusters
ModifyCluster Updates cluster

Namespace APIs

API Name Feature
CreateEnvironment Creates namespace
DeleteEnvironments Deletes namespaces
DeleteRocketMQNamespace Deletes RocketMQ namespace
DescribeEnvironmentAttributes Gets namespace attributes
DescribeEnvironmentRoles Gets the list of namespace roles
DescribeEnvironments Gets the list of namespaces under a tenant
ModifyEnvironmentAttributes Modifies namespace attributes

Topic APIs

API Name Feature
CreateTopic Adds topic
DeleteTopics Deletes topics
DescribeTopics Gets the topic list
ModifyTopic Modifies topic

Message APIs

API Name Feature
AcknowledgeMessage Acknowledges message
ReceiveMessage Receives messages
SendBatchMessages Batch sends messages
SendMessages Sends one message

CMQ Management APIs

API Name Feature
CreateCmqQueue Creates CMQ queue
CreateCmqSubscribe Creates CMQ subscription
CreateCmqTopic Creates CMQ topic
DeleteCmqQueue Deletes CMQ queue
DeleteCmqSubscribe Deletes CMQ subscription
DeleteCmqTopic Deletes CMQ topic
DescribeCmqDeadLetterSourceQueues Enumerates the source queues of CMQ dead letter queue
DescribeCmqQueueDetail Queries the details of CMQ queue
DescribeCmqQueues Queries all CMQ queues
DescribeCmqSubscriptionDetail Queries CMQ subscription details
DescribeCmqTopicDetail Queries the details of CMQ topic
DescribeCmqTopics Enumerates all CMQ topics
ModifyCmqQueueAttribute Modifies CMQ queue attributes
ModifyCmqSubscriptionAttribute Modifies CMQ subscription attributes
ModifyCmqTopicAttribute Modifies CMQ topic attributes
RewindCmqQueue Rewinds CMQ queue
UnbindCmqDeadLetter Unbinds CMQ dead letter queue

CMQ Message APIs

API Name Feature
ClearCmqQueue Clears the messages in the CMQ message queue.
ClearCmqSubscriptionFilterTags Clears the message tags of CMQ subscriber
PublishCmqMsg Sends CMQ topic message
SendCmqMsg Sends CMQ message

Other APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeBindVpcs Gets the tenant-VPC binding relationship
SendMsg Sends message

RocketMQ APIs

API Name Feature
CreateRocketMQCluster Creates RocketMQ cluster
CreateRocketMQGroup Creates RocketMQ consumer group
CreateRocketMQNamespace Creates RocketMQ namespace
CreateRocketMQTopic Creates RocketMQ topic
DeleteRocketMQCluster Deletes RocketMQ cluster
DeleteRocketMQGroup Deletes RocketMQ consumer group
DeleteRocketMQTopic Deletes RocketMQ topic
DescribeRocketMQCluster Gets the information of specific RocketMQ cluster
DescribeRocketMQClusters Gets the list of RocketMQ clusters
DescribeRocketMQGroups Gets the list of RocketMQ consumer groups
DescribeRocketMQNamespaces Gets the list of RocketMQ namespaces
DescribeRocketMQTopics Gets the list of RocketMQ topics
ModifyRocketMQCluster Updates RocketMQ cluster
ModifyRocketMQGroup Updates RocketMQ consumer group
ModifyRocketMQNamespace Updates RocketMQ namespace
ModifyRocketMQTopic Updates RocketMQ topic

Environment Role APIs

API Name Feature
CreateEnvironmentRole Creates environment role
CreateRole Creates role
DeleteEnvironmentRoles Deletes environment role
DeleteRoles Delete role
DescribeRoles Gets the list of roles
ModifyEnvironmentRole Modifies environment role
ModifyRole Modifies role

Production and Consumption APIs

API Name Feature
CreateSubscription Creates subscription
DeleteSubscriptions Deletes a subscription
DescribePublisherSummary Obtains message production overview
DescribePublishers Obtains the list of producer information
DescribeSubscriptions Gets the consumer subscription list
ResetMsgSubOffsetByTimestamp Rewinds message
ResetRocketMQConsumerOffSet Resets RocketMQ consumption offset
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