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Product Selection

Last updated: 2023-01-03 15:15:11

    To meet diverse requirements in different scenarios, TDMQ for Pulsar provides pro and virtual clusters. We recommend you consider the business scenario, product capabilities, and use costs when purchasing a cluster.

    Product Types

    TDMQ for Pulsar product portfolio is as shown below.

    Product Selection Process

    We recommend you select a product type based on the following process.

    Product Selection Analysis

    The characteristics of TDMQ for Pulsar cluster types are as compared below:

    Item Virtual Cluster Pro Cluster
    Instance type Physical resource sharing among logical tenants Physical isolation
    Customer group and scenario Entry-level customers with a moderate business traffic, short-term testing, and great traffic fluctuations. Top customers whose production environment has high requirements for service stability and resource isolation and generates high amounts of business traffic.
    Billing mode Pay-as-you-go - postpaid Monthly subscription - prepaid
    Billable item API call, message storage, and partition topic resource usage. Cluster specification, mainly including TPS and bandwidth.
    Messaging TPS limits 5,000 TPS for production and consumption each per cluster per topic On-demand purchase based on different computing and storage specifications (starting from 2,000 TPS)
  • Data reliability: Eight 9s
  • Service availability: 99.95%
  • Data reliability: Ten 9s
  • Service availability: 99.99%
  • Pulsar engine version 2.7.2 2.9.2
    Upper limit for expansion Elastic expansion and use within a certain range Up to one million TPS with greater elasticity
    High availability Multi-AZ deployment in the same region is not supported. Custom multi-AZ deployment in the same region is supported to enhance disaster recovery capabilities.
    Event support and expert service The standard ticket service of Tencent Cloud is provided. Event support is provided for major events such as product upgrade, business launch, and promotion campaign to ensure smooth business operations.

    Capacity Estimation

    After selecting the cluster type, you need to estimate the computing and storage specifications actually needed by your business.

    • Computing specification: In a TDMQ for Pulsar pro cluster, the computing specification indicates the upper limits on messaging TPS and bandwidth of the instance, which you can select as needed.
    • Storage specification: You can calculate the required storage space based on the estimated message volume and size of your business.

    Note that the TDMQ for Pulsar pro cluster adopts the three-copy mode for message storage.

    Purchasing a cluster

    Select a region and create/purchase a cluster here.

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