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Last updated: 2023-12-25 17:12:41

    ECM Overview

    Tencent Cloud Edge Computing Machine (ECM) uses network edge nodes near users and terminals to provide nearby computing, network, and storage services. Unlike traditional IDCs deployed at the center of the network, ECM resources are deployed in IDCs closer to users and thus have unique strengths such as low network latency as well as high bandwidth, security, and stability.

    Feature Overview

    ECM has the following features:
    ECM module
    It is the basic module for edge service management and composed of ECM instances. All instances in it use the same computing, network, and image configuration and provide the same service. By managing an ECM module, you can simplify scaling operations, which makes it easier for you to adjust the regional deployment of your business subsequently.
    ECM instance
    It is a computing instance. You can select an appropriate instance type in different computing scenarios and flexibly select configurations such as CPU, memory, and network based on your computing needs.
    Network service
    Public IP services from multiple ISPs such as China Telecom, China Unicom, and China Mobile are provided to implement regional low-latency and high-bandwidth network coverage for your business.
    Custom image
    You can use a custom image to create ECM instances through cloud-edge collaboration.
    Tencent Cloud Observability Platform
    It provides a wide variety of performance monitoring capabilities to help you manage key performance metrics and set alarm policies to automatically send alarm notifications and implement other automated operations.
    Security group
    It enables you to control and manage network traffic by protocol and port. You can comprehensively improve the network security by reasonably configuring security groups.
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