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Last updated: 2023-08-18 14:27:56

Region APIs

API Name Feature Frequency Limit (maximum requests per second)
DescribeNode Gets node list 20

Module APIs

API Name Feature Frequency Limit (maximum requests per second)
CreateModule Creates module 20
DeleteModule Deletes business module 20
DescribeModule Gets module list 20
DescribeModuleDetail Displays module details 20
ModifyModuleConfig Modifies module configuration 20
ModifyModuleDisableWanIp Specifies whether to prohibit public IP assignment for a module 20
ModifyModuleImage Modifies the default image of module 20
ModifyModuleIpDirect Modifies the IP direct access of module 20
ModifyModuleName Renames module 20
ModifyModuleNetwork Modifies the default bandwidth cap of module 20
ModifyModuleSecurityGroups Modifies the default security group of module 20

Instance APIs

API Name Feature Frequency Limit (maximum requests per second)
DescribeInstances Gets instance information 20
TerminateInstances Terminates instance 20
AssociateSecurityGroups Binds security group 20
DescribeInstanceVncUrl Queries the VNC URL of instance 20
DescribeInstancesDeniedActions Gets the list of prohibited operations 20
DescribePriceRunInstance Queries instance price 20
DisassociateSecurityGroups Unbinds security group 20
ModifyInstancesAttribute Modifies instance attributes 20
RebootInstances Restarts instance 20
ResetInstances Reinstalls instance 20
ResetInstancesMaxBandwidth Resets the bandwidth cap of instance 20
ResetInstancesPassword Resets instance password 20
RunInstances Creates instance 20
StartInstances Starts instance 20
StopInstances Shuts down instance 20

Image APIs

API Name Feature Frequency Limit (maximum requests per second)
CreateImage Creates image 20
DeleteImage Deletes image 20
DescribeCustomImageTask Queries image import task 20
DescribeImage Displays image list 20
DescribeImportImageOs Queries the list of operating systems supported by image imported from external resource 20
ImportImage Imports image 20
ModifyImageAttribute Modifies image attributes 20


API Name Feature Frequency Limit (maximum requests per second)
CreateVpc Creates VPC 20
DeleteVpc Deletes VPC 20
DescribeVpcs Queries VPC list 20
ModifyVpcAttribute Modifies VPC attributes 20

Subnet APIs

API Name Feature Frequency Limit (maximum requests per second)
CreateSubnet Creates subnet 20
DescribeSubnets Queries subnet list 20
ModifySubnetAttribute Modifies subnet attributes 20
DeleteSubnet Deletes subnet 20
ModifyDefaultSubnet Modifies default subnet 20
DescribeDefaultSubnet Queries default subnet in AZ 20

Route Table APIs

API Name Feature Frequency Limit (maximum requests per second)
CreateRouteTable Creates route table 20
DescribeRouteTables Queries the list of objects in route table 20
ReplaceRouteTableAssociation Replaces route table binding relationship 20
ModifyRouteTableAttribute Modifies route table attributes 20
ResetRoutes Resets route table name and routing policies 20
DeleteRouteTable Deletes route table 20
CreateRoutes Creates routing policy 20
ReplaceRoutes Replaces routing policy 20
DescribeRouteConflicts Queries the list of routing policy conflicts 20
EnableRoutes Enables subnet route 20
DisableRoutes Disables subnet route 20
DeleteRoutes Deletes routing policies 20


API Name Feature Frequency Limit (maximum requests per second)
BatchDeregisterTargets Batch unbinds real servers 20
BatchModifyTargetWeight Batch modifies the forwarding weights of real servers bound to listener 20
BatchRegisterTargets Batch binds backend targets 20
CreateListener Creates CLB listener 20
CreateLoadBalancer Purchases CLB instance 20
DeleteListener Deletes CLB listener 20
DeleteLoadBalancer Deletes CLB instance 20
DeleteLoadBalancerListeners Deletes multiple CLB listeners 20
DescribeListeners Queries CLB listener list 20
DescribeLoadBalanceTaskStatus Queries the task status of CLB instance 20
DescribeLoadBalancers Queries CLB instance list 20
DescribeTargetHealth Gets the health check status of CLB real server 20
DescribeTargets Queries the list of real servers bound to CLB instance 20
ModifyListener Modifies CLB listener attributes 20
ModifyLoadBalancerAttributes Modifies CLB instance attributes 20
ModifyTargetPort Modifies the port of real server bound to listener 20
ModifyTargetWeight Modifies the forwarding weight of real server bound to listener 20
SetLoadBalancerSecurityGroups Configures security groups for CLB instance 20
SetSecurityGroupForLoadbalancers Binds or unbinds security group to or from multiple CLB instances 20


API Name Feature Frequency Limit (maximum requests per second)
CreateNetworkInterface Creates ENI 20
DescribeNetworkInterfaces Queries ENI list 20
AttachNetworkInterface Binds ENI to CVM instance 20
DetachNetworkInterface Unbinds ENI from CVM instance 20
MigrateNetworkInterface Migrates ENI 20
AssignPrivateIpAddresses Applies for private IP for ENI 20
RemovePrivateIpAddresses Returns the private IPs of ENI 20
MigratePrivateIpAddress Migrates private IP from ENI 20
AssignIpv6Addresses Assigns IPv6 address 20
DeleteNetworkInterface Deletes ENI 20
ModifyIpv6AddressesAttribute Modifies the IPv6 address attributes of ENI 20
ModifyPrivateIpAddressesAttribute Modifies the private IP information of ENI 20
ReleaseIpv6Addresses Releases IPv6 address 20


API Name Feature Frequency Limit (maximum requests per second)
AllocateAddresses Creates EIP 20
AssociateAddress Binds EIP 20
DescribeAddressQuota Queries EIP quota 20
DescribeAddresses Queries EIP list 20
DescribeTaskResult Queries the execution result of async task 20
DisassociateAddress Unbinds EIP 20
ModifyAddressAttribute Modifies EIP attributes 20
ModifyAddressesBandwidth Modifies EIP bandwidth 20
ReleaseAddresses Releases EIP 20


API Name Feature Frequency Limit (maximum requests per second)
CreateHaVip Creates HAVIP 20
DeleteHaVip Deletes HAVIP 20
DescribeHaVips Queries HAVIP list 20
ModifyHaVipAttribute Modifies HAVIP attributes 20

Other API

API Name Feature Frequency Limit (maximum requests per second)
DescribeBaseOverview Gets basic data displayed on overview page 20
DescribeConfig Gets configuration limit information 20
DescribeInstanceTypeConfig Gets model configuration list 20
DescribeMonthPeakNetwork Gets the monthly peak and billable inbound/outbound bandwidth values of your node 20
DescribePackingQuotaGroup Gets the set of packing quotas 20
DescribePeakBaseOverview Gets the peak data of basic information 20
DescribePeakNetworkOverview Gets peak network data 20
DescribeTaskStatus Gets task status 20

Snapshot APIs

API Name Feature Frequency Limit (maximum requests per second)
DeleteSnapshots Deletes snapshot 20
DescribeSnapshots Queries snapshot list 20

Key APIs

API Name Feature Frequency Limit (maximum requests per second)
CreateKeyPair Creates key pair 20
DisassociateInstancesKeyPairs Unbinds key pair 20

Security Group APIs

API Name Feature Frequency Limit (maximum requests per second)
CreateSecurityGroup Creates security group 20
CreateSecurityGroupPolicies Adds security group policy 20
DeleteSecurityGroup Deletes security group 20
DeleteSecurityGroupPolicies Deletes security group rule 20
DescribeSecurityGroupAssociationStatistics Queries association statistics of security group 20
DescribeSecurityGroupLimits Queries security group quota 20
DescribeSecurityGroupPolicies Queries security group rule 20
DescribeSecurityGroups Views security group 20
ModifySecurityGroupAttribute Modifies security group attributes 20
ModifySecurityGroupPolicies Modifies the outbound and inbound rules of security group 20
ReplaceSecurityGroupPolicy Replaces one routing policy of security group 20
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