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Configuring Instance Security Group

Last updated: 2023-12-25 17:20:12


    A security group is a virtual firewall that can filter stateful data packets. As an important means for network security isolation provided by Tencent Cloud, it can be used to set network access controls for one or more ECM instances. When creating an ECM instance, you must configure a security group for it. If the module's security group that your created instance uses by default or the custom security group cannot meet the requirements of your business scenarios, you can replace it as instructed in this document.


    1. Log in to the ECM console.
    2. On the left sidebar, select Instance List to enter the Instance List page.
    3. On the Instance List page, find the target instance and select More > Configure Security Group on the right of the row as shown below:
    Then, you will be redirected to the Security Group tab on the instance management page to bind a security group.
    4. In Bound Security Groups on the Security Group tab, click Bind as shown below:
    5. In the Bind to a Security Group pop-up window, select the name of the security group to be bound based on your actual needs and click OK as shown below:
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