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Use Cases

Last updated: 2023-12-25 17:13:03

    Real-Time Communication

    Scenario description

    Real-Time communication businesses, such as interactive live streaming, require you to achieve a low network latency to ensure a smooth user experience. A long physical distance between your server and the IDC significantly increases the network latency and affects the user experience.


    Basic ECM resources are built across regions and can provide cloud computing and network services near users and terminals. Through nearby application and service deployment, the network latency between users and business servers can be greatly reduced. For example, as two-way data transfer in interactive live streaming between anchors and viewers is sensitive to latency, if you deploy the relevant business in ECM, the network latency can be remarkably lowered to deliver a smoother user experience for both anchors and viewers.

    Cloud Game

    Scenario description

    A cloud game is a game running on cloud-based servers. It needs to push the rendered game images to devices and send the operation instructions from devices to cloud servers for processing. To implement such real-time interaction requirements, a low network latency must be guaranteed, and services should be provided as close to users as possible.


    By deploying the cloud game service in ECM, you can make your business provide services near users, which shortens the network transfer distance, significantly reduces the network latency, and eventually implements faster two-way data transfer for smoother cloud gaming.
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