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Elastic IP Billing

Last updated: 2022-10-31 17:54:05
    ECM instances use EIPs as their public IPs. When EIPs are in idle status, they will incur IP resource fees.
    An EIP is considered “Idle” when it’s not bound to any cloud resource, and an IP resource fee will incur. For details of the IP resource fee, see Billing Overview.
    Starting from June 1, 2022 at 00:00 (UTC+8), Tencent Cloud Edge Compute Machine supports daily billing for the network bandwidth of EIPs. For details, see ECM Billing Overview. Submit a ticket if you have any questions.

    Billing modes

    The IP resource fee is calculated and settled on an hourly basis. The fees for an hour will be billed and charged in the next hour.
    The billing of the IP resource fee starts from the EIP is assigned. It stops when the EIP is bound to a cloud resource, and resumes when the EIP becomes idle. When the EIP is released, the billing of IP resource fee stops.
    The billing of IP resource fee does not stop if the EIP is bound to an edge resource in the following status:
    The EIP is bound to an ENI that is not bound to an instance.
    The EIP is bound to a high-availability VIP that is not bound to an instance.

    Billing Formula

    IP resource fee = EIP hourly rate × Billable period


    Price (USD/Hour)
    Chinese mainland
    To avoid unnecessary costs, bind your EIPs with cloud resources after they’re assigned to your account immediately, and release them immediately after unbinding them with cloud resources.
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