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Last updated: 2022-03-08 11:51:16

    ECM Module

    It is the basic unit for managing edge computing and network resources. It uses the default configuration to create ECM instances to provide basic services for the same type of service or application.

    ECM Instance

    It is a computing resource provided by virtualized physical servers. It has different configurations in terms of CPU cores, memory, storage, and network, so you can select an appropriate instance type based on your computing needs.

    Edge Node

    It is an IDC built near your physical location and provides underlying physical resources for edge computing.

    IP Address

    It is a unified address format provided by Internet Protocol, which assigns a logical address to each server and each network on the internet to block the differences of physical addresses. Here, it is the address for an ECM instance to provide services internally or externally, i.e., private or public IP address.

    Private IP Address

    It is an IP address assigned to an instance in a Tencent Cloud VPC or classic network and cannot be accessed over the internet. It can be used for communication between instances in the same VPC or classic network.

    Public IP Address

    It is a non-reserved address on the internet. A CVM instance with a public IP address can communicate with computers on the internet.


    It is a preset template for instances and contains an environment preconfigured with an OS and other software programs.

    Local Storage

    It is a device that can be used for persistent storage by an instance on the same physical server.

    Security Group

    It is a virtual firewall that can filter stateful data packets. As an important means for network security isolation, it can be used to set network access controls for CVM, CLB, TencentDB, and other instances to control their outbound and inbound traffic.
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