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Importing Security Group

Last updated: 2023-12-25 17:21:04


    The security group feature of ECM is logically isolated from the public security group feature in the central cloud. Central cloud products such as CVM cannot be associated with a security group in ECM, and ECM resources such as ECM module, ECM instance, and ELB cannot be directly associated with a public security group in the central cloud. If you have already created a public security group, you can import its data, and a security group data record for ECM will be automatically generated after the import.
    You can also create a security group by yourself. For more information, see Creating Security Group.


    1. Log in to the ECM console and select Edge Network > Security Group on the left sidebar.
    2. On the Security Group management page, click Import.
    3. In the Security Group pop-up window, perform the operations as shown below:
    1. Select the central cloud region, and all security groups in this region will be displayed.
    2. Select the security group data to be imported.
    Currently, you cannot import the security group data in finance zones or regions outside the Chinese mainland.
    Only inbound rules in the security group are imported, while the parameter template rules and nested rules will be filtered out.
    3. Click OK to import the public security group in the central cloud, and new data will be generated in the ECM security group management list.
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