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Last updated: 2024-01-06 17:31:28

    Ultra high performance

    A single shard can sustain up to 240,000 QPS, and the performance of an entire instance can be linearly improved as the number of shards increases.
    Computing/Storage resources can be independently and imperceptibly scaled, and a single instance can offer exabytes of storage capacity.
    Each node at the computing layer can be read and written, and a single instance can easily sustain tens of millions of QPS.
    Ultra high compression ratio (up to 20:1) is supported for storage, which is especially suitable for business scenarios with a high number of writes and a low number of reads.

    Professional and reliable services

    TDSQL has been massively verified by various types of Tencent's core products for over 10 years, such as social networking, ecommerce, payment, audio and video services.
    It has comprehensive features of data backup, disaster recovery, and quick upgrade.
    It boasts a complete monitoring and alarming system, where most of failures can be recovered through automated program processing.
    It supports data encryption by AES and Chinese SM4 algorithms to meet the compliance requirements of static data encryption.
    It supports various cutting-edge features in the distributed database world, such as distributed multi-table join, small table broadcast, distributed transaction, and SQL passthrough.
    It achieves a high availability of up to 99.95% and a high data reliability of up to 99.99999% (seven nines).

    Ease of use

    Except for a small number of syntax differences from native MySQL and MariaDB, TDSQL can be used just like a standalone database, and the sharding process is imperceptible to the business and requires no manual intervention.
    It is compatible with MySQL protocols (i.e., supporting kernels such as MySQL and MariaDB).
    It provides a web-based console, read/write separation, and dedicated Ops commands.
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